True Blood To Return June 10th

Get ready for the return of True Blood! HBO has announced that Season 5 will begin June 10th. The new series Newsroom will follow it 2 weeks later.

You can check out the first preview of the season here.

Who’s excited?

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I need someone to explain the show to me.  I hadn't had hbo until this year, so I hadn't ever seen the show before.  I tried to watch it, but the acting seemed really bad and the accents, omg the bad southern accents.  Are they going for camp?  Is it supposed to be funny?  Would I get it if I'd seen previous seasons or is it just not my thing?  

Noelle 1 Like

@Joystickenvy Honestly, it probably wasn't meant to be a comedy but it's so ridiculous and campy that it kind of feels that way sometimes. It's very bloody. It's like a more mature take on vampires that don't sparkle. If you don't take it too seriously you should enjoy it.

Joystickenvy 1 Like

 @Noelle  @Joystickenvy I'll have to give it a shot I reckon.  I laughed a lot during the episode I partially watched, but I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be funny or not :>  I wish I still smoked pot.  I think that would help a lot.

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 @Joystickenvy It is campy.  The lore and characters are fascinating and fun to me. I watched all 4 seasons back to back within a week and got hooked on it.

Rickey moderator 1 Like

 @Joystickenvy Hopefully Noelle will give you a primer. True Blood is all about the hotness.