Trey Songz feat. T.I. – 2 Reasons – Video

With Usher, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo all on the music horizon at the same time, you would think that Trey Songz would know that he needs to be on his A game. I guess not after the premiere of his new single featuring T.I., “2 Reasons”, and the subsequent release of its video.

Every since he first gained pop success with his crossover single “Say Aah”, Songz has went to the drinking/party club anthem for a hit. It worked with “Bottoms Up” with Nicki Minaj, but I highly doubt that it will work this time. Especially – 1) Could he have had a better feature? T.I. isn’t really hot nowadays.. 2) The horrible, grinding, derogatory hook “Only here for the b*tches and the drinks.”  The video is pretty nice, glossy, video vixens, and your typical club atmosphere. Trey needs to scrap this and just come harder. The hard thing about all of this is that he has a decent voice, and we’ve seen him bring it. Hopefully by the time his album Chapter 5 releases on August 21 he’ll have great material along with it.

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