Touch – Season 1 Episode 11, Part 1 – Gyre – Recap

A father and son are more in touch and in tune than ever before. For the first time in over ten years, Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) and Jake Bohm (David Mazouz) establish a unique way to communicate by using numbers, patterns, and shapes. With the help of Professor Arthur Teller (Danny Glover), Martin realizes his son is using a specific set of numbers, The Amelia Sequence, as a means of communication.

The following paragraph is a quick run-through of previously seen footage:

In the episodes aired prior to the season finale, we learn that Arthur is found dead in his car, doubled over his steering wheel, shortly after claiming to see Amelia inside the facility Jake stays in. That is so freaky. I remember almost wanting to scream at my TV when I watched that scene. Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)—Jake’s social worker—is surprised to see an unfamiliar-faced, wheelchair-bound female caught on security footage videotape. I am still upset Danny’s character was killed off since I was looking forward to learning more about his relationship with his daughter, whom remains skeptical of Arthur’s 36 righteous ones (a group that included Amelia). I hope the writers reprise her character in the future as I am anticipating a scene, in which, she realizes her father is correct after all. Note: Several sources confirm Danny Glover’s decision to appear in only six episodes of Touch.

Part 1:

This two-hour season finale begins just like any other Touch episode, with Jake giving us a brief history lesson. While a shipping container was on its way from China to the United States in 1992, it fell overboard releasing 29,000 rubber ducks. Two thousand of these rubber ducks were caught up in the North Pacific Gyre. This gyre is a vortex of currents moving from Japan, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the Aleutian Islands. We learn that it is possible to stray from the gyre as a few rubber ducks were found at shore twenty years later. Now we know why this episode is called, Gyre. This is so intriguing!

Martin discovers that his late wife Sarah agreed to have Aster Corporation run tests on Jake, and this has been going on for ten years! Abigail (Catherine Dent), Jake’s aunt, reveals that Sheri Strepling (Roxana Brusso) is in on the whole shebang! Well if that wasn’t a glaring obvious, I don’t know what is. Sheri’s become one of the most hated characters of Season One. Meanwhile, Jake scribbles the next four digits of the Amelia Sequence, 2 2 1 7, in his notebook. He later grabs a crystal object, gets up out of his seat, and drops it on top of a police vehicle numbered 2 2 1 7. Uh oh, Martin is filling out papers at the police station. Jake, on the other hand, is spilling his entire bottle of soda on the floor next to a room containing hundreds of Record Archives. Oh look, here comes an employee carting boxes of record archives, completely unaware of the spillage on the floor. He drops a batch of files on the floor, including the folder numbered 2 2 1 7. While the employee steps out to grab some paper towels, Martin picks up the folder and finds a picture of Amelia in it.

IAN GOMEZ!!! I will always refer to him as Andy from Cougar Town. Apparently a “Mineki-Nekko” is his good luck charm? It looks like a small kitten statue of some sort.  He chastises Lucy (Maria Bello) about not knowing what it is, and orders her to get off his beach right this moment. He’s been collecting various items he found at shore (objects that must have travelled via the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. Lucy makes her own little rectangle in the sand annoying the life out Wayne (Ian Gomez).

We now head to Japan where we see a little boy playing soccer. Oh my gosh, is his mother played by the same actress who plays Mike Chang’s mother on Glee?? She looks so familiar! Turns out the little boy wants to break the world record for dribbling a soccer ball (24 hours). He has been dribbling for two hours. This kid is a champ!

Amelia is alive, but what will it take to find her? Pictures of her autopsy and body are missing from the folder that Martin picked up earlier. It will take a lot more than three-year-old evidence to solve this mystery. Back in Japan, the little boy Seiji Osugi has been dribbling his soccer ball non-stop for six hours. There are neighbors, fans, strangers, and news reporters inside and outside the house witnessing Seiji’s enormous achievement in the making.

Clea defends Martin Bohm by stating that he is a good father. Sheri disagrees. Oh Sheri, I understand you are doing your job, but why did you have to bring so many people into the facility to assess Martin’s parenting? You evil lady, you. Sheri then blackmails Clea since she has an “inappropriate relationship” with Martin, according to Sheri. I feel like screaming at my TV again. Avram (Bohdi Elfman) is in the house! He is wearing these cute little Jewish curls on the sides of his head. How adorable!!! Avram mentions that none of the 36 Righteous Ones should be self-aware, but Jake is. “He’s made you his instrument,” says Avram to Martin.

Wayne reveals he was in a mall in Japan when the tsunami hit. He has posted all of the items he found online in hopes of finding an answer to what has haunted him the most, “Did anyone survive the tsunami, and will they claim their lost items?” So far, there hasn’t been any luck. He hasn’t received any responses online.

Wow, there is some old footage of Amelia speaking for the first time! Amelia remembers having her appendix taken out at the age of six. Martin can use this evidence to prove that the body buried is not Amelia’s! When Martin is on his way back to the facility, a guy knocks him out and steals the folder and DVD containing evidence.

In Japan, Mr. Osugi (Seiji’s father) finds out that his company has let go of him. Understandably upset, he storms back into his house causing Seiji to drop the soccer ball. I really wanted to see Seiji break the world record! Darn it.

Meanwhile at the beach, Lucy finds a survivor of the tsunami on the news! The samurai sword in Wayne’s collection matches Mr. Osugi’s samurai stick! There were survivors after all! Hooray!

The guy who knocked out Martin dropped him on the subway tracks. What a jerk! He’s obviously tried to kill Martin to prevent him from retrieving anymore evidence of Amelia’s survival. We later learn that Lucy is Amelia’s birth mother!!! Also, Clea gives into Sheri’s blackmail and agrees to release Jake from Martin’s custody. I just can’t with Clea. She is beginning to annoy me. The writers of Touch are so crafty though.

There is one more hour to watch so I will be ending this post here.

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