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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – Suggestions and Discussion

Hey, everyone! This is a little something fun for us to do as the last few days of 2012 wind down. I’m going to be compiling a list of the Top 25 performances of the year and I want to know what you all think first. Use the comments section below to discuss your favorite contestants and performances from American Idol, The X Factor USA, and both seasons of The Voice. I’m sticking to the US series. Then, I’ll use my best judgment to form the full list. I’ll check out the site polls, too.

I’m going to release each place in it’s own mini mystery post, starting with #25 and winding down to #1 on New Year’s Eve. Let’s stick to one performance per contestant, so more favorites can make the list and all four competitions can make a decent showing. Try to consider the contestant’s overall impact, also! I think it’s easier to form a ranking order that way.

This is meant as more of a celebration of this year’s talent than a competitive countdown!

Check out the Top 25 most popular reality performances on this site here if you need some inspiration.

I know my opinions, so let me know yours!

Top 25 Performances of 2012 - New Year's Countdown - Suggestions and Discussion

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I really hope that Katrina Parker's "Jar of Hearts" makes it onto your list. It was my favoirte this year. I was shocked by the intimacy she was able to bring to a performance on TV. I didn't have anything against Tony Lucca, but Katrina was far more talented and vocally was superior. If he can make the list, then I'd better see Katrina on this list. Ha! :)

Anyway.. enjoying your posts.


Cassadee Pope - Over You

Carly Rose - As long as you love me

Phillip Phillips - You've Got It Bad

RaeLynn - Wake up Call or Hell on Heels

Emblem3 - One Day or Sunset Blvd


#1 - Favorite performance this year was Katrina Parker - "Jar of Hearts."
(she also gets extra points for being voted into the finals by America, but getting eliminated by her coach!)

#2 - Chris Mann - "Bridge Over Trouble Water"

#3 - Anthony Evans / Jesse Campbell - "If I Aint Got You"

#4 - Trevin Hunte - "Listen"

#5 - Katrina Parker - "Don't Speak"


Phillip Phillips - "Volcano" 

Elise Testone - "Whole lotta love"

Juliet Simms - "Free bird"

Melanie Martinez - "7 Nation Army"

Sister C - "Hell on Heels"

Cece Frey - "Sexy & I know it"

Beatrice Miller - "Titanium" 

Carly Rose - "As long As you Love me"

Joshua Ledet - "No more Drama"

Fifth Harmony - "Anything Could happen"

Emblem3 - "One Day"

Skylar Laine - "Shameless"

Lindsay Pavao - "Please don't go"

Janelle Garcia - "Paris Ooh La La"

Jacob Lusk - "Man in the mirror"

Colton Dixon - "Broken Heart"


Juliet Simms - Roxanne

Hollie Cavanagh - Bleeding Love

Dez Duron - Sarah Smile

Amanda Brown - Here I Go Again

Paige Thomas - Never gonna give you Up

Elise Testone - Let's Stay Together

Lindsay Pavao - Skinny Love

Skylar Laine - Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You

Joshua Ledet - It's a Mans mans World

Phillip Phillips - Home

Cassadee Pope - Stand


Fifth Harmony - Anything Can Happen, A Thousand Years, Impossible (Judges homes)

Beatrice Miller - Titanium

Carly Rose - My Heart Will Go On

Lyric 145 - Party in the USA

DIamond White - Diamonds


Hollie Cavenaugh          The Climb

Amanda Brown               Dream on

Amanda Brown               Stars

Cody Belew                     Jolene


#1: Colton Dixon - Piano Man

#2: Cassadee Pope - Cry

#3: Fifth Harmony - Impossible

#4: Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

#5: Colton Dixon - Everything

#6: Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings

#7: Carly Rose Sonenclar - My Heart Will Go On

JoeTranch moderator

Hey, guys! Sorry for the confusion, but I'm sticking to the American shows. I'll update the post later tonight when I get home.


Karise Eden - Stay with me baby ( The Voice AUS)

Juliet Simms - Its A Mans Mans World

Lindsay Pavao - Somebody That I Use To Know 

Amanda Brown - Dream On

Ella - Believe ( X Factor UK )

Vince Kidd - Like A Virgin ( The Voice UK )

Max Milner - Free Falling ( The Voice UK )

Candice Jessica and DeAndre - Forgot the song but it was from the Vegas rounds 

Jamar Rodgers - Seven Nation Army

Katrina Parker - Jar of Hearts

Fifth Harmony - Impossible ( Judges House ) 

Union J - Bleeding Love ( X Factor UK ) 


Jessica Sanchez - I'm telling you I'm not going
Jessica Sanchez - Everybody has a dream
Joshua Ledet - It's a man's man's world
Joshua Ledet - When a man loves a women
Elise Testone - Whole lotta love
Fifth Harmony - Anything could happen
Beatrice Miller - Titanium
Jesse Campbell Vs Anthony Evans - If i aint got you
Lindsay Pavao - Say aah
Karise Eden - Hallelujah (the voice AUS)
Karise Eden - It's a man's man's world (the voice AUS)
Cassadee Pope - Cry
Ella Henderson - Believe
Jahmene Douglas - At Last
Amanda Brown - Dream On
James Arthur - Young
Amanda Brown Vs Trevin Hunte - If i aint got you
DeAndre Brackensick - Master Blaster
Jamar Rodgers - Seven Nation Army
Juliet Simms - Roxanne
Juliet Simms - Oh Darlin
Melanie Martinez - Toxic
Loren Allred - You know im no good
Philip Philips - Volcano
Philip philips - Home


Hollie Cavanagh's Bleeding Love

Hollie Cavanagh's Rolling in the Deep

Jessica Sanchez And Im Telling You

Jessica Sachez The Prayer

Elise Testone Vienna

DeAndre Brackensick Master Blaster


Carly Rose's Feeling Good

Phillip Phillips' Volcano

Juliet Simms' Roxanne

Hollie Cavanagh's The Climb

Cassadee Pope's Over You

Amanda Brown's Natural Woman

Fifth Harmony's Anything Can Happen



Seven Nation Army - Melanie Martinez

All of Phillip's were the shit but volcano and home especially!!

JoeTranch moderator

@pepe2020 Hi Pepe! Thanks for following along. Don't hate me! Katrina narrowly missed my personal list, but I'm going to mention that in a final post featuring the full list and honorable mentions. Actually, your primary post on here reminded me of how pissed off I got when Adam handicapped Tony and defied the votes. 


I forgot mackenzie bourg - Call Me Maybe 

JoeTranch moderator

@XOXOGossipGirl Have you read my recaps of your show? Thanks for revealing your true identity!


I can't hate you for that. So happy she will make a mention though... don't know what it is about her, but I am a fan for life! Her performance really got me, and now I'm dying for an album!!! Agree about Adam - I was so pissed off. It wasn't just for her - but for us voters. It made our voice not count, and that was twice as bad! Really enjoyed your count down. Happy New Year!