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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #9

Beatrice Miller

#9 is Beatrice Miller with “Titanium”! How refreshing was it to come across a thirteen year old girl who actually behaved like a thirteen year old girl on a reality show? It almost seemed as though Beatrice realized she had an incredible gritty voice and decided to audition for The X Factor that weekend, like, because the circus was rolling into town. Whatever, YOLO!

There was certainly nothing put on about Beatrice Miller, the yang to Carly Rose’s yin. If Carly Rose is Kirby, Beatrice Miller is her Meta Knight. Nerves were just barely squashed into oblivion before Beatrice gave a near pitch-perfect acoustic performance of David Guetta’s “Titanium.” That song, by the way, is so played out on the radio at this point, I can only listen to Beatrice sing it. Maybe I’ll replay the audition video as I write this. I could make a typo. Whatever, YOLO!

Beatrice’s elimination a few weeks into the live shows was kind of tragic, no? Getting eliminated because of “the pressure” when you’re invited as a barely-teen to audition for the competition fairly seemed like an excuse to eliminate the little firecracker, who was never afraid to mouth lines like “I can’t win!” as her ranking was revealed or vent to the press about how the circus had turned into a freak show once the cameras went live. Can Beatrice please have her own Disney Channel show? It can be part improv, part musical, and part badass. Maybe, all badass? Whatever, YOLO!

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