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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #6

Fifth Harmony

#6 is Fifth Harmony with “Anything Could Happen”! It was as though the girls of 5H woke up the morning after their successful sing-off with Diamond White and thought, “today, we compete. XOXO.” Camila’s bow grew ten sizes that day. Cakes were ordered, wacky waiters were hired, and the girls turned on their glittery madness. Seriously, though. This was a real moment for them and the standout performance on this season of The X Factor.

Would you like to know what I think the real issue with Fifth Harmony was? Once again, I blame the editing. We only got to know incredible front-gal Camila Cabello if we decided to go the extra mile and scavenge through her interesting twitter feed. She’s funny! That was a massive misstep. Meeting the lead vocalist is a necessity. Come to think of it, the show didn’t spend too much time introducing us to any of them! Hi, Normani! Also, just generally speaking, the audience relates more when delving deeper into the backstories of solo acts, as opposed to watching a gaggle of girls talking about how they kind of like being a manufactured group. These girls were solo acts at one point, though. Knowing that we’d follow them into the live shows, couldn’t we have been given more than a snippet here and a soundbite there? They seem fun enough! I believe them as a group.

I found myself “singing” the “ooh, ooh, ooh, OoOh” part of this song around my place days after this performance. It’s hard, alright?! The signing of Fifth Harmony by Simon Cowell seems all but inevitable. I’m hoping that an awesome girl group can rock the charts and compete with the recent resurgence of boy bands. This could end up being a major win for The X Factor, when all is said and done. Can they bring the pegasus from “Anything Could Happen” part #2 along as a mascot? Who’s your favorite?!

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