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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #5

Cassadee Pope

#5 is Cassadee Pope with “Over You”! The season 3 champ of The Voice warbled warmly through the Blake Shelton penned ode to his late brother. Before we even get into how great the performance was, let’s just take a moment to think about how incredibly difficult it would be to have to stand in front of Blake Shelton and belt this out, period. That was no easy feat. There was something about the way Cassadee connected with the lyrics that read unbelievably honest. Plus, her voice never sounded better than when she stood and sang vulnerably. This was exceptional.

Cassadee caught a lot of flak early on for over-pimping and past projects. Her band, Hey Monday, was allegedly a significant success, at least, according to the Warped Tour crowd and people who wanted to hate Cassadee. I think they opened for Fallout Boy? I’ll admit that I’d never heard of them before coming across their former(?) lead singer on this show. Still, I’m not one to care much regarding past attempts at superstardom. If you’re not selling platinum albums and playing arena’s as a headliner, go for it! I actually think it shows humility to say, “I’m giving this another shot. I’m going on a reality show.” There was a lot at stake there, so good for her!

Cassadee takes the #5 spot for a moving and impressively sung “Over You.” Also, I feel the impression she made on the show, and on iTunes, could potentially translate to the first legitimate mainstream success for The Voice. I’m definitely hoping she goes down more of a folk/ pop route in the vein of Jewel as opposed to pop/ rock as, say, her idol Avril. Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing Cassadee on the radio someday soon!

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