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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #3

Amanda Brown


#3 is Amanda Brown with “Dream On”! In a bittersweet way, it makes me feel good to see a dark horse embraced and uplifted by fans on here after failing to receive their deserved credit. Amanda Brown may not have won The Voice, but her absolutely incredible take on an Aerosmith classic went down as the performance many consider to be the best of the season.

It seemed as though Xtina never truly warmed up to her (after failing to steal her), and Blake’s insinuation that she wasn’t unique enough to be voted through over Nicholas still bugs me. Amanda Brown was a contestant for the diehard viewer. She was a contestant for true avid fans of these shows who invest hours and hours of TV time hoping to see a performance as great as “Dream On.” That’s what matters, right? Winning would have been nice, too.

Is there anything better than a contestant who knows exactly who they are as an artist and refuses to compromise? I can’t even say that Amanda had a trajectory of growth over the course of her time on The Voice. She shot straight from “cannon fodder” to “cream of the crop” so quickly that Cee-Lo didn’t know what hit him by the time we got to the battle rounds.

Amanda Brown takes the #3 spot for being consistently daring, self-confident, and an all-around sensational performer. Going far beyond purely amazing vocal ability, her command of the stage and interpretation of material render her one of the greatest contestants this show will ever have.

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