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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #23

Tony Lucca

#23 is Tony Lucca with “99 Problems”! I’ll admit that I wasn’t the biggest supporter of Tony Lucca during his season of The Voice, but his performance of “99 Problems” made this countdown because of the amazing controversy surrounding it. It was a very good performance, but an even greater reality TV moment. Rumors swirled surrounding off screen feuding between Tony’s coach, Adam Levine, and rival coach, Christina Aguilera. Even eventual runner-up Juliet Simms tweeted her support to Christina after her infamous “offensive to women” critique. Mouseketeer drama never dies, thank God! Also, props to Hugo, the original artist who never received due credit for his arrangement from the show.

I’ve never been more disappointed with Adam as a judge than I was when he sabotaged Katrina Parker, who was blatantly less commercial but apparently more popular, in favor of Tony. It was all in the name of bromance! Imagine having your dreams take a crowbar to the knee in the name of bromance? Still, Adam probably made the best choice, all things considered. Tony is talented and versatile.

Truth be told, Tony is probably a great guy who earned a break. He has a lot of fans out there and is now signed to Adam Levine’s record label. There are even whispers of a collaboration with fellow former mouseketeer Justin Timberlake! Good for Tony! He deserves a spot on this countdown as a solid performer and a fan favorite.

Check out a recent performance of “99 Problems” below! The performance from the show in unavailable for embedding, but you can watch it Here if you’d like!

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