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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #22

CeCe Frey

#22 is CeCe Frey with “Sexy and I Know It”! I realize many of those following are prepared to flay me after simply reading that, but hear me out! The way I see it, The X Factor distinguishes itself as the search for the next commercial pop star. Where it goes wrong is that midway through the process it decides to find a pure vocalist in the vein of Idol. Thus, we end up with a potential new Ke$ha fighting to be the next Mariah Carey. If there was ever a performance that reflected what I feel this show should be about, it was CeCe’s judge’s house audition. Defiant and leopard clad, a stripped down version of an LMFAO party anthem was a direct hit.

Then, the live rounds happened… I’m pretty sure if I passed the audition process with flying colors only to have the producers strip me of my rightful power and dump bleach on my head, I’d be kind of pissed off. Why cast a group of individual artists only to choose everything from their songs to their arrangements, from their outfits to their set-up? Do they even get to choose what they eat for dinner on The X Factor? Strange, considering this is the show that distinguishes itself as being about “more than just a voice.” All these people have to do is show up and lend their vocals, right? In that case, I’d perform my “save me” numbers like I was being eaten alive by a horde of invisible zombies, too.

All things considered, super polarizing CeCe proved that she has the chops to be a commercial pop starlet with “Sexy and I Know It.” Her true fans are rabid, and her work ethic is killer. I for one really like her, and I say, she should take Simon up on his recommendation that she star in her own reality show and that she should take it down the Ashlee Simpson/ Aubrey O’day route. Film a reality show surrounding the start of your career, CeCe. I’m not saying it actually has to be real, of course! Make sure Simon has a surefire record deal waiting for you at the end, record the next “Call Me Maybe,” and boom. Love her or love to hate her, Season 2 would have been infinitely more boring without CeCe Frey.

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