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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #21

Cody Belew

#21 is Cody Belew with “Jolene”! I considered instead highlighting his performance of “One More Try,” but all things considered, “Jolene” was a huge moment for Cody on The Voice. What I believe resonated with viewers right off the bat was that Cody is a fearless individual. Not only was his performance of “Jolene” a vulnerable and raw vocal, but the song choice alone showed stellar confidence and self-security. That’s a difficult song for anyone to try!

Cody is a contestant who began as a fan favorite due to a particularly endearing audition, an infectious personality, and some smooth dance moves. Nobody shimmies like Cody Belew, and as a guy with a consistently stubbly face myself, I have to admit that I’m jealous of his mastery over facial hair. Had Cody been alive during the 1960s, I’m pretty sure he would have been another muse for Warhol.

In the end, Cody Belew was a standout character this season. I also think he was right up there with eventual winner Cassadee Pope as “most improved” as the weeks flew by. I’m not sure that Cee-Lo Green ever really understood how to pick material that suited Cody’s stylings as perfectly as “Jolene,” but it almost didn’t even matter. Cody made a nice little moment all by himself.

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