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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #20


#20 is Emblem3 with their original track, “Sunset Blvd”! In my opinion, this group’s breakout moment happened to be their very first audition. Also, it was the only time we got to see how capable the trio are as songwriters (Go, Drew, go!). If I had to place a bet on any contestant(s) becoming a $5M act judging by their preliminary auditions, I would have easily chosen Emblem3.

Maybe these boys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but come on! A way more flexible procedure surrounding weekly performance preparations during the live shows surely would have allowed them to flex their talent further than a cover of Smashmouth’s cover of a Monkees hit that rolled over the credits of Shrek. They have a ton of potential to be a fresh new act, radiating their California sun-soaked vibe across the far-less-chill rest of the country. Think Blink 182 meets Slightly Stoopid. I like it!

Also, why would The X Factor edit one of their star acts to look pompous and douchey if they were knowingly going to pimp them pretty hard later on? Emblem3, like a few other acts we got acquainted with this season, could have flourished if the show did what it promised it would do. Who knows why The X Factor does what it does, anymore? This show is the black sheep of reality singing competitions. Instead of sheering itself bald in hopes of growing a white coat midway through the competition, it should just embrace what it is and let these commercial artists it collects be themselves entirely. Tossing Drew his guitar during a few of their final performances was not enough!

In the end, Simon Cowell will undoubtably capitalize on the real world potential of Emblem3. They have legions of teen fans who’ve been ready to download their original material since their stellar performance of “Sunset Blvd” finished. I’m hoping they’re just three goofy guys from the west coast who had a hard time adjusting to life in front of television cameras, as opposed to the cocky guys the show edited them to be. Even so, can we knock three guys for keeping it real in the midst of something so manipulated? Hey, I can appreciate the fact that they spoke up about not finding the process of filming a reality show enjoyable. Emblem3 may very well end up as the most successful act from season 2, and good for them!  I think they’re funny!

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