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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #2

Juliet Simms


#2 is Juliet Simms with “Roxanne”! If had to select just one favorite contestant from The Voice, it would be a tough call, but I’d go with Juliet. I just re-watched her performance and I realized I’d almost forgotten just how mind-blowingly awesome it is. The performance speaks for itself. In my opinion, it’s the best performance The Voice has ever put up. She’s truly a rock star in the making.

Tension between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine began to bubble over just as Juliet began to hit her stride. The stage could be laden with bickering and ranting and chatter one moment, only to be wiped clean by Juliet via a few minutes worth of stellar singing. Just shut up and listen, right? Backstage drama can’t trump talent like hers. “Roxanne” was a tough call to make, considering her incredible run, but I feel that a breakout moment is important to recognize. Also, I want to apologize to Juliet for giving her the runner-up spot yet again! You’re always a winner in my eyes.

Juliet Simms gets the #2 spot on the countdown for accomplishing something great with her time on The Voice. Now that singing competition shows are becoming more and more unbalanced, considering how much money these celebrity judges are making and how all too often talent falls to the wayside of big egos on the panel, contestants like Juliet are necessary. I wasn’t a big supporter of the eventual winner, Jermaine Paul, but I congratulate viewers of The Voice for taking that finale into their own hands and for voting he and Juliet into the Final 2 over the hype of the Xtina/ Adam debacle. I thought that was a good moment for reality TV. Performances like this are why we tune in. I wish Juliet success with her new single “Wild Child“! Still, how shafted was Juliet Simms?

The video of Juliet performing “Roxanne” on The Voice can’t be embedded, but you can view it Here.

Or you can check out another performance of “Roxanne” at the Grove in LA:

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