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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #18

Jennel Garcia

#18 is Jennel Garcia with “Home Sweet Home”! Could there have been more tragic of an elimination during this season of The X Factor than the ridiculously early sweeping-under-the-rug of Jennel? Yet another victim of this show’s ridiculous live show protocols, an early front runner was tossed under the bus without ever even delivering a truly poor performance. Her “Home Sweet Home” was most definitely a standout moment this season, showing promise of fantastic performances yet to come. Alas, we were falsely hyped up for performances we would never have the pleasure of witnessing.

I read an interview with Jennel post elimination where she admitted to having quite an “I pity the fool” moment while listening to the band warming up “Proud Mary” during rehearsals, only to realize they were preparing the song for her. Do these kids really have that little control over what’s going on? The saddest part about the situation was that Jennel’s “Proud Mary” was actually decent. It was most definitely not elimination worthy. It was just nowhere near as amazing as “Home Sweet Home.” Then again, few performances this past season were.

A bold song choice, tremendous confidence, and raw talent propel Jennel Garcia to #18 on this list. Maybe she’s placed slightly high, but if she could get hosed on The X Factor as she did, I’m going to say I’m entitled to treat her well here. Also, something about the sh*t-show Simon caused between himself and Demi while Jennel and Paige Thomas awaited their fates that night totally rubbed me the wrong way. Here’s to hoping Jennel truly finds her way in the industry. As Simon (oddly enough) put it, we could use a fresh pop starlet with a rock edge tearing up the Top 40 charts today.

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