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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #14

Lyric 145


#14 is Lyric 145 with “Party in the USA”! Okay, here’s what. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but Britney Spears was dead on with her advice that Simon allow this group to perform hip hop material. That being said, their take on “Party in the USA” came off as surprisingly fresh and legitimate. I mean, for a hip hop trio to perform a Miley Cyrus song, they would have to bring a ton of bravado and they most certainly did that.

Did Lyric 145 ever really stand a chance in a competition that is so constricting when it comes to song choice and performance layout? Probably not. Didn’t they have to sing “E.T.”? I think the only contestants who can perform well on The X Factor as it stands currently, are straight-up singers. That’s sort of a sad thought, considering the fact that it’s supposed to be a show that capitalizes on discovering unique  and unexplored talent. To me, Lyric 145 would thrive as a throwback hip hop group (we saw a snippet of one of Lyric Da Queen’s auditions during bootcamp in that video) with a pop edge, as opposed to something in the vein of Blake Eyed Peas or LMFAO, which is where Simon was taking them.

Still, the group got what they needed from this competition. A duo of brothers from Queens met their own queen, and her name is Lyric. Taking into consideration the fact that Lyric Da Queen presumably has insane potential as a lyricist, this could seriously happen for them. The fresh young act met their demise on the show far too soon, but that’s not to say that America isn’t ready. These guys deserved a shot at a $5M opportunity more than anyone else, and their performance of “Party in the USA” proved that they had the spark to back that up.

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