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Top 25 Performances of 2012 – New Year’s Countdown – #1

Phillip Phillips

The #1 spot on this countdown goes to Phillip Phillips for his performance of “Home”! Has there ever been a more perfect American Idol coronation song? One of the greatest finale moments ever, Phillip’s performance of “Home” locked in a well deserved win against the very talented Jessica Sanchez, but things didn’t end there.

Think about the fact that over the course of a single year, this show transformed a boy from Leesburg, GA into a nationally renowned recording star. His song was featured during the Olympics! Also, I believe “Home” just broke the 3 million mark in sales, and his fantastic debut album is selling strong.

For a guy who spent much of the competition bucking any and all things related to Hollywood, fashion, or television, he sure seemed grateful for the crown, as tears ran down his face along with the golden confetti shower from above. The sheer moment of the debut of “Home” was of dire importance, as it came at a time during which competitive singing shows are struggling to launch superstars. There’s no telling how well this current crop of artists, turned reality stars, turned “question marks” will do now that the platform has been taken away. Phillip Phillips, however, stands as an example of how unique and untapped talent, in conjunction with a show like American Idol, can make a new star. We may each have our own favorites, but in the end, we want these people to succeed at achieving their dreams.

The American Idol performance is no longer available, but here is the music video for “Home”:

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Thank you all for following along with me over the past few days! I will be posting a follow-up to this countdown tomorrow, compiling the list and explaining my decisions further. Also, keep in mind that most of these rankings are approximate. This was more of a fun experience meant to look back on the talent we’ve be introduced to over the past year rather than another competition for these people to have to suffer through.

Happy New Year!

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