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Top 15 ‘X Factor’ Auditions From Around The World

The X Factor USA is back for its third Season tonight and it is time to get excited!


To celebrate, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the Top 15 X Factor auditions that I have enjoyed across the world!


A few things to keep in mind; this is more of a list, not exactly a rank. IE: I am not necessarily saying that I like video #4 more than video #14. I also did not include any of the X Factor auditions that were done before the Stadium audition format became the norm (which is why, for instance, Leona Lewis will not be making an appearance). Some of my favorite X Factor contestants are also missing from this list because I wasn’t blown away by their original audition. Lastly, this list is mainly complied by a combination of access/availability, popularity, and of course my personal taste.

THAT HUGE DISCLAIMER ASIDE, let’s get started:

15) James Arthur – The X Factor UK

This eventual winner of X Factor WGWG kicks off the list with an emotional and neat take on Tulisa’s Young.

14) Sim ‘Ran – X Factor Netherlands

Even if you aren’t religious, it is hard not to get a little emotional and teary eyed when they start that Amen harmony. I tear up every time, awesome energy!

13) Jai Waetford – The X Factor Australia

For me to like a tweeny bopper, you know the audition had to be great. Jai’s was a real surprise for me, and the little man is adorable.

12) Ella Henderson – The X Factor UK

The fact that Ella did not place higher in The X Factor UK is still a mystery to most. This performance of a song she wrote and dedicated to her grandad is just spectacular!

11) Cher Lloyd – The X Factor UK

Cher Llyod is one of the most recognizable acts to come from The X Factor UK. I’d say she was one of the first ever on a televised amateur talent TV show to take a hip hop song and make the performance not only NOT be awkward, but also quite good!

10) Rochelle – The X Factor Netherlands

I think it is safe to say that Rochelle may have been inspired by Cher to do her audition, but for me, she did it even better. And consider how far she went from her original audition, to get to that point, the transformation is just amazing and you know her attitude is real.

9) Melanie Amaro – The X Factor US
Melanie Amaro was the big kick off for the US incarnation of X Factor. Her audition went viral even before it aired on TV, and I believe that the popularity from it is ultimately what pushed her to win.

8) Osang – The X Factor Philippines

What an amazing surprise Osang was on The X Factor. Just watch it for yourself!

7) Te Ao Te Huia – The X Factor New Zealand

Check out this incredible audition from Te Ao Te Huia of The X Factor New Zealand. She sings her mum’s favorite song with amazing control and restraint as one of my favorite Idols, Stan Walker, joins her on stage for just a fantastically beautiful television moment!

6) Svetozar Hristov – The X Factor Bulgaria

Performances of Nessun dorma will get you everywhere.

5) Jazzlyn Little – The X Factor US
I’d almost completely forgot about Jazzlyn Little’s original audition from the first season of The X Factor US…but for me, that made it even better. The first season of The X Factor US was magnificent, and it is quite a shame that the second was garbage.

4) Samantha Jade – The X Factor Australia
Samantha Jade went on to win her season of The X Factor Australia, and she proved that when she wants to sing …she can sang.

3) Sam Bailey – The X Factor UK

I included two videos of Sam Bailey because of the new format used for The X Factor UK. Sam Bailey was one of the best surprises for me in the last few years. I automatically didn’t expect much from her, and quite frankly, was tired of hearing versions of that song. The moment she opened her mouth though, I was hooked, and I am looking forward to seeing how well she does this year. Hoping she makes it really far!

2) Angel Tepai – The X Factor Australia
Angel Tepai’s audition for The X Factor Australia will no doubt send chills all throughout your body. The notes she hit, and the way swooned around the song is an audition for the ages. Such a shame good songs were never picked for her, and she left the competition relatively early.

1) Ablisa’s – The X Factor UK

By virtue of Youtube views, this is the single most popular video/audition from The X Factor of all time. The drama. The attitude. The excitement. The punch. Simply unforgettable.

And there we have it! We did you guys think about the list? Any great auditions I should have included? (Spoiler: Danyl Johnson, Jamie Archer, Chris Rene, Carly-Rose Sonenclar don’t cut it for me)

Leave your comments below!

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