Tina Wesson son dead at 25 – Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Taylor Lee Collins, son of Tina Wesson of Survivor: Blood vs. Water died in a car accident today in Chattanooga. He is the brother of Katie Collins who was also on the show this season.

I feel so bad. The reunion show will be on December 22, 2013. So tragic. I hope they just don’t attend.

Tina Wesson & her daughter Katie Collins

Tina Wesson & her daughter Katie Collins

From TV Media Insights:

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Taylor Lee Collins, the son and brother of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” contestants Tina Wesson and Katie Collins was killed in a car accident earlier today in Chattanooga. He was 25. Collins was reported to be riding in the front seat and was ejected from the vehicle. He died from his injuries at a local hospital. The driver of the vehicle, who was not named, was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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NickRoman1 moderator

That's awful. I kind of hope they skip the reunion too, and just stay with family instead of facing TV cameras, although if Katie makes the final, they might not have a choice. I wonder if they'd just rack up her votes in absentia? I'm not sure, but this is such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Klope62 moderator

Aw ...sad.

I also thought I was missing survivor for a second.

Craig Webb
Craig Webb

I don't think he would do that. That would be heartless.


I really hope Probst doesn't do anything stupid and stir things up during the reunion show for drama. :(

Craig Webb
Craig Webb

They have to attend. It's in their contracts. I'm sure that situation will be off limits to talk about, unless they bring it up. So sad!