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Ticketmaster to refund $1.50 for every ticket sold in the last 12 years

Due to a class action settlement, Ticketmaster will refund $1.50 for every ticket sold between October 21, 1999 to October 19, 2011. It turns out that Ticketmaster was profiting from “processing fees” without telling their customers.

Also, if you used UPS’ ‘expedited delivery’ — you are entitled to $5.00 per ticket.

Read the report from Business Insider:

If you used Ticketmaster’s website to buy tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you’re in for a windfall.

Well, a $1.50 per ticket order windfall.

Because of a proposed class action settlement, Ticketmaster is being forced to credit $1.50 per ticket order (up to 17 orders) to customers due to the fact that they profited off of “processing fees” without declaring as much.

And despite the reparations, Ticketmaster can continue to profit off transactions — they just have to say they’re doing so on their website.

According to court documents, the original claim, filed October 21, 2003, also implicates UPS’ delivery price for expedited delivery of tickets as deceptive. Those part of the UPS subclass of the suit are entitled to an additional $5.00 credit per ticket.

Ticketmaster Refund

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