The X Factor USA – Top 12 Live Tour – Speculation and Rumors

In the aftermath of Thursday night’s shocking elimination of fan favorites Lyric145 and Jennel Garcia, both acts have taken to twitter to spark rumors of an X Factor USA Top 12 Live Tour. So far nothing concrete has been released by the show, but these booted contestants seem to suggest otherwise.

Check it out:

Lyric Da Queen and her boys seem pretty adamant. Jennel, on the other hand, seems like she’s just getting a feel for the fans’ enthusiasm regarding a hypothetical tour. Her posts kind of remind me of how the 12th and 11th place finishers on American Idol often campaign (hopelessly) to have the tour expanded for them. I’m going to say that a tour is probably a huge possibility. I’m also going to say that it’s probably not something they’re supposed to be tweeting about yet. Alas, they’re eliminated so why would they care about discretion?

Would you go see an X Factor live tour? The top 12 includes Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Vino Alan, Paige Thomas, Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray, Emblem 3, Diamond White, Fifth Harmony (Forever LYLAS to me), CeCe Frey (Leopard Face), and the aforementioned Lyric145 and Jennel Garcia. Would only poor Jason Brock get shafted?

Check back! I will be updating this space with information as I come across it!



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