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The X Factor UK – Top 3 Results Video – 12/08/2012

The first results of The X Factor UK 2012 Final are in for December 8, 2012!

After singing two songs (a solo and a duet with their mentor), the Top 3 become a Top 2 to compete on Sunday. Who ended up in Third Place?

The X Factor UK  Top 3 Results  12 08 2012


Jahmene Douglas is in the Final!

James Arthur is in the Final!

Third Place is: Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney is eliminated from The X Factor UK!


Nicole Scherzinger just won The X Factor UK! Wow!

The X Factor UK  Top 3 Results  12 08 2012 Christopher

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GO NICOLE!!! shes amazing in the UK version of the show! ... Both of them deserve it! so im happy with the result! i hope its jahmane who wins thou

Klope62 moderator

LOL! I knew it. How fail.


@realphill Nicole will never be forgiven in the states for the Rachel Crow blunder lol !