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The X Factor – Trey & Nick’s Reflection – Top 16

Welcome to the first installment of “Reflection”, The X Factor edition, where fellow writer Nick Roman and I review the night and analyze what happened.

Have strong opinions about last night? Which judge made the worst decision? Were you pleased? Join us in the comments!

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Our Sing-Off Prediction: Beatrice Miller vs. Arin Ray
Elimination Prediction: Arin
Actual Sing-Off: Diamond White vs Arin
Eliminated: Diamond

Sad about Diamond leaving, but we do understand where Britney was coming from. At this point in their career, Arin has a better chance to be more commercially successful and as it is now, is the one of the two with “The X Factor.” Undoubtedly Diamond won the sing off, and is the better singer. Hopefully she does not give up and we see her in a few more years. White was also a class act last night, cheerful and optimistic after the results. Ray, on the other hand, came off as arrogant and cocky from the moment Khloe said he would be singing for his life. Even when they were about to deliver results, Diamond reached for his hand, and he insincerely took it, while still holding his hand in his pocket. On Twitter last night, Ray was also retweeting everyone who wanted to see him go home. He’s getting a bit full of himself. Hopefully Arin doesn’t turn into a Marcus Canty figure.

Our Sing-Off Prediction: Vino Alan vs Jason Brock
Elimination Prediction: Jason
Actual Sing-Off: David Correy vs Jason
Eliminated: David

We had David Correy ranked high because he was just that good last night. His vocals were good. However, L.A. somehow is pulling for Jason Brock, and unfortunately David was the casualty of that.

Our Sing-Off Prediction: CeCe Frey vs Willie Jones
Elimination Prediction: Willie (Nick), CeCe (Trey)
Actual Sing-Off: CeCe vs Willie
Eliminated: Willie

I had CeCe taking the boot and Nick had Willie. However, I was sold with Willie leaving once Faux Ke$ha delivered that performance. It was clear that she would be the one staying, no matter how good Willie did. Honestly Willie was there for his uniqueness, and it just wasn’t enough. Demi didn’t should have just turned him into Faux Daruis Rucker to complete her collection of Fauxs.

Our Sing-Off Prediction: Lyric 145 vs Sister C
Elimination Predictiion: SisterC
Actual Sing Off: The group formerly known as 1432 and LYLAS vs Sister C
Eliminated: Sister C

The groups were also not that much of a surprise. Instead of opting to have Lyric 145 be but on the spot, Simon wanted to show that his formed girl group formerly known as 1432 & LYLAS were the same group that wowed America at Judges’ Homes. Sister C was salty that they didn’t make it, and actually came off as mean girls this time. They just have to stop trying to have a country girl group. Maybe next year, a combo country group with two girls and two guys. Now THAT would be appealing.

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