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The X Factor – Trey & Nick’s Rankings – Top 16

Welcome to the first installment of “Rankings”, The X Factor edition, where fellow writer Nick Roman and I will make our prediction on the night’s X Factor.

Where did your favorite end up? Disagreements? Join us in the comments!

1. Emblem3 – We don’t think that Emblem3 is by far the strongest act, but they are at the pole position this week because they got the most attention from the judges and end the first live show as frontrunners. Doucheband.

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar – As for Carly Rose, it’s really hard not to be impressed with how easily she acclimated to the pressures of tackling a performance style that we were never given to believe she could pull off. Her edit has painted her as a girl who more or less just stands there and sings, so it’s very impressive that she sold that performance as well as she did, from the vocals, to the ritzy little dance movements. However we know how well she knows the stage and it all is coming off as too much. However, Carly Rose ended the night as the top teen.

3. Jennel Garcia – Jennel exudes a very Melanie Amaro-esque persona, coupling powerhouse vocals with a demure offstage personality. Her edit portrays her, much like Melanie, as very much a regular girl, and often one who doesn’t seem to know how good she is. It’s reality talent show catnip. Her performance was pretty good last night, but she may have gotten the worst end of the stick of Demi’s makeovers.

4. David Correy – David nailed the vocal, and, perhaps the most of any contestant this week, simply came across as a likable, humble, down-to-Earth guy. Although Simon’s point was true, David is the best over-25 and is the best chance that L.A. has to win.

5. Diamond White – Diamond White was a star last night. Showing up as a more childish, demure Willow Smith who can blow, even with the horrible song selection by Britney she rocked it. This version could be on the radio, she could be performing it on the Kids Choice Awards, and she could be a start with something like this. Diamond definitely showed in the first week that she is in this competition.

6. Beatrice Miller – Beatrice’s performance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t her best and no where as good as “Titanium.” She also receives a short end of the stick for always being compared to the too mature Carly Rose, although the two are completely different. Britney has such a strong category, regardless a singer is going to be cut that is a par above alot of other acts. However, Britney has really been cautious of her holding up to the pressure. We think she will go head to head with Arin, and hopefully be saved.

7. 1432 (formerly LYLAS)- People were divided on this act last night. It was either a love or hate. Regardless of harmonies, regardless of Camilla carrying the most weight, the group formerly known as LYLAS is still the best group, and could be stars. We believe in them, & think they did good, and even when Normani Hamilton gives great vocals, you’ve got a winner!

8. Lyric 145 – Simon just needs to not give any kind of advice to this group and let them do their own thing. They weren’t bad last night…just weird. They will probably face off against Sister C, but we doubt Simon will let them go.

9. Paige Thomas – Demi created 3 Faux’s last night. She created Faux Demi in Jennell. Now we have Faux Rihanna in Paige. We have kept trying and trying to see Paige as a viable vocalist, but she’s not. We really don’t see the stage presence or energy either. But her drive or whatever is propelling her is definitely stirring up the watercooler. her outfit coupled with the lavish production number meant that she ultimately ended up being one of the night’s most memorably acts, even while she remains one of the competition’s most forgettable voices. Demi needs to continue to serve up these performances in order for her to survive.

10. Tate Stevens – Tate delivered a really strong vocal, which paired nicely with the pre-performance video package (which showed us more of his personality and family life than we’ve seen in some time) and tearful post-performance interview. These factors came together to make Tate one of the night’s bigger success stories.

11. Arin Ray – Arin Ray is ranked low due to a combination of a forgettable vocal with an overcomplicated production surrounding it. Britney tried to do too much, too soon with the guy, and though he definitely has the credibility to go far in the competition. But as stated before, Britney’s category is just so strong and regardless he will head up against Diamond or Beatrice which will probably pull all the stops out to stay in the competition. Ah, Sorry Arin.

12. Willie Jones – Demi is not going to let Willie and his uniqueness go. It wasn’t that Willie was bad, but simply that Demi threw him under a bus with that song choice. We don’t know why she’s so intent on having it be either country or R&B, when his best performance blended both styles together pretty effortlessly (his Judge’s House performance). IWedon’t see him leaving though.

13. CeCe Frey – We’ve had Faux Demi, Faux Rihanna, but the least favorable of the night has to have been Faux Ke$ha. It feels like she’s been stripped of everything her fans liked about her, while not being stripped of enough of her rougher qualities that non-fans will warm to her. There might not be another Paige vs CeCe round again, so Demi may just throw Willie in the sing off.

14. Sister C – Of all the groups, with the right promotion, Sister C would be the most successful. The country market is very strong. But Simon doesn’t know what to do with them, and he can’ win with them unlike the other three acts. Sister C had a better night than 1432 and Lyric 145, but taking everything into consideration that still wasn’t enough. We can’t see them making it through.

15. Vino Alan – As for Vino, his performance was a mess, and there’s still this screen between him and the audience that makes him feel strangely unknowable as an artist. We have no idea who he wants to be, which is partially LA Reid’s fault, but also Vino’s for not offering any substantial artistry of his own. His tone is tremendous, but his actual vocals don’t provide any kind of spin on what’s already being offered. He’s L.A.’s star artist, so we’re thinking Reid will sacrifice Jason Brock.

16. Jason Brock – Jason Brock’s performance was a different kind of mess. Nick thinks that LA just decided to pull a Phillip Lomax and sell his act short with a song and production number that would be too much, and yet not enough. And that’s exactly what happened. We’ll be floored if Jason Brock doesn’t get the chop tonight. Stranger things have happened, but that performance was a hot mess.

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