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The X Factor – Top 4 Results Video – Live Blog – 12/13/2012

Welcome to the live blog for The X Factor Top 4 results show for December 13, 2012.

Tonight we have performances by Bruno Mars and Bridgit Mendler. Also, three acts will advance to next week’s season finale, while one act will fall just short of the finish line. readers predict Emblem3 will get the boot!

Credit: FOX

And here we go!

8:02 PM EST

Khloe doesn’t look like a hot mess, for once. That’s pretty much the front page story for me.

And now the finalists are out, performing “Coming Home” by The Artist Formerly Known As Puffy.

It’s actually not bad at all, though I could do without Drewchebag’s “rapping.”

8:08 PM EST

Since the show is on commercial break, I might as well take this opportunity to make a plug of my own, as I recently posted Nick’s Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide and Trey posted our Weekly X Factor Power Rankings. Both are decent reads, even if you vehemently disagree with them. And Lord knows, I attract disagreement like flea markets attract wishy-washy buyers who will haggle on the price for a $4.00 ashtray.

8:13 PM EST

Recap of last night’s show with comments from the contestants. It’s the usual array of contestants talking about how badly they want it, particularly Carly Rose, in the first round. Emblem3 is stoked that Demi approved of their first performance, while Fifth Harmony is over-the-moon with the comments they got. Camille in particular is adorable, looking like Minnie Mouse with a big-ass bow on her head and a mile-wide grin to match it. Tate, meanwhile, is as nervous as ever, in the second round, despite having gotten good comments. He embraces his wife backstage and tells her “Now we wait.” Carly is worried that her bad reviews could mean the end of her journey. For round two, Emblem3 believe that if they can just make it through this week, they have a “straight shot” at winning. Lastly, Fifth Harmony is scared of going home when they’re this close to the end.

8:18 PM EST

Khloe asks Simon if there will be any surprises tonight, and Simon claims that he’s worried about his girls, though he reiterates that he truly believes in miracles. Britney, meanwhile, states that she’s confident Carly will get through to the finale.

8:19 PM EST

Okay, can we just take a minute during this commercial break to REJOICE in the news that LA Reid will not be returning for season 3? That man is the homicide of all joy and good taste on this show, and one of the prime factors that makes this show as routinely annoying as it tends to be (though I still love it, for whatever that’s worth). I don’t think a judge’s exit from a reality show has ever made me this happy. They could put Kathy Griffin in there, and she’d be a more welcome addition to the panel than LA Reid, for me.

8:23 PM EST

Each contestant talks about why winning this competition means the world to them. Tate claims “I have no mom and dad to go home to. I am mom and dad. I have a family.” Emblem3 talks about how they’ve always wanted to do music since an early age. Fifth Harmony wants to give back to their family. Carly Rose grew up watching the VMAs, which makes me feel a million years old. She once again states how badly she wants this, as if it didn’t already go without saying for each of the four finalists.

Results, part 1

The first act through to next week’s finale is…

FIFTH HARMONY!!!!!!!!!!!

LA Reid leaving the show + Fifth Harmony in the finale? It really must be Christmastime after all.

Seriously, this result is so fly it needs a stewardess.

8:31 PM EST

So this means Emblem3 gets to steppin’, no? I can’t imagine it’s Carly or Tate, or rather, I’m hoping it’s not, simply because the world couldn’t take the explosion of smug that would issue from Simon Cowell if he had TWO acts in the finale. It’d bring the Apocalypse eight days early.

8:33 PM EST

We’re back, and Mario and Khloe interview Britney and LA. LA is surprised that the girls made it through, while Britney seems kind of annoyed that the girls got the nod over Emblem3 (well, she’s assuming that they took E3’s spot, but for all we know, they could still have made the finale). This does nothing to disabuse me of the notion that adult women inherently hate seeing other young women succeed.

And Bridgit Mendler is up, performing her single “Ready or Not”. I’d like to think of myself as a relatively up-to-date guy, but I have absolutely no earthly idea who this woman is. Cute as all get-out though.

8:37 PM EST

Audition information for next season’s X Factor (which reveals that Carly auditioned in one of the audition booths that are placed in random area nationwide).

The audition cities are Los Angeles, CA, Charleston, SC, New Orleans, LA, Long Island, NY and Denver, CO, though you can also audition online. Given the dearth of talent this season, I suggest five of us in the comments section get together and form a group and go audition. Let’s go, Hot Mess Collective!

Results, part 2

The next act through to the grand finale is…


It’s now down to Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3, and to borrow a line from every Star Wars movie ever made, I have a bad feeling about this…

Tate, meanwhile, fights back tears as he pulls a “Yo Adrian” and gives a shout out to his wife, saying re: the finale, “We’re here.”

8:45 PM EST

Khloe is backstage with both acts, and they’re both obviously nervous. Drew says that, despite the outcome, he’s happy to have had this experience, and says that the knowledge he’s earned over the course of this competition is worth more than the $5 million. What the hell? Maturity from DREW? The hell outta here…

And like that, we throw to Bruno Mars, performing “Locked Out of Heaven.” It’s a catchy song, though I’m partial to “Young Girls” as a potential single.

8:50 PM EST

As Bruno finishes up, let me just apologize for whatever the technical difficulties are that are putting all my updates to the post on a 90 second delay. I really do try to keep you guys updates as quickly as possible. I have no idea what the deal with WordPress is, but it’s officially chapped my ass. And I’m curmudgeonly enough as it is!

On that topic, if I never see this Drew Brees/One Direction commercial again, it’ll be too f****** soon.

8:54 PM EST

Results, part 3

And we waste no time. The third and final act going through to next week’s grand finale is…


Emblem3 must now return to their home planet.

Wes states how thankful he is to have been a part of this competition, and we get the accompanying elimination video. The video is peculiar in two ways: a) it shows that they really weren’t all THAT bad, but b) also that they never really grew throughout the competition either.

Simon tells Emblem3 that they are going to have a huge career off the back of this show.

And that’s it for this week! No rankings were revealed, since it would contaminate the voting pool for the finale.

I’ll be back next Wednesday for the live blog of the performance show, and then again on Thursday to see if Fifth Harmony could pull off one of the biggest upset since [fill in unexpected winner of a reality show].

See you then!

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