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The X Factor – Top 13 Results Video – 11/08/2012

Here are the results of The X Factor Top 13 for November 8, 2102.

Which act is the first to leave? One Direction performs!

The X Factor  Top 13 Results  11 08 2012

8:02 PM

-We kick off the show with One Direction performing “Live While You’re Young”! While I know they’re set to perform two songs tonight, I don’t know how wise it is to kick off the night with them, since I imagine everyone is just going to switch over to The Voice as soon as they’re done, and probably won’t switch back until a quarter to 9 to see the bottom 2 singoff and results.

8:05 PM

-One Direction is questioned by the hosts about adding a sixth member, which segues into a video greeting from Drew Brees. It’s a weird segment, because it’s clearly a comedy bit they’re doing, but Mario and Khloe are questioning 1D as if they’re seriously considering adding Drew Brees as a sixth member. It’s a strangely surreal segment.

8:11 PM

-We’re back from commercial with a recap of last night’s performances and backstage business. Arin is pumped, Paige felt she did her best, Demi thinks Simon is jealous of her category, and Vino and LA think Demi’s “pop star” criticism is ridiculous. Emblem3 has a heart-to-heart with their family, while stressing that they can’t let their success go to their heads. Beatrice has a touching moment with her mom, and Jennel likes her new look. Simon reiterates that Demi has made Jennel unrecognizable as the girl they first saw. Tate felt he “left it all out there for America,” and his family is proud of him. LA hugs Lyric145 backstage after their performance, and Simon tells them that they were amazing. Diamond is stoked that Britney told her she’d have done Britney proud. CeCe thought her performance was awesome, and Demi agrees with her backstage. Carly says that her performance is exactly what she’s been wanting to do, and Britney stresses how amazing it is that she has that strong a voice at that age. Jason thought, while his performance was going on, that it was wonderful, thus he’s confused why the judges don’t like him. Fifth Harmony shed happy tears backstage with their families while Normani chats with her folks in a cute little back-and-forth.

Time for results!

All the acts come out with their judges, and Mario reiterates that these results are in no particular order.

Results, pt. 1

Arin Ray is through to the top 12!

Paige Thomas is through to the top 12!

Diamond White is through to the top 12!

Vino Alan is through to the top 12!

Jennel Garcia is through to the top 12!

Emblem3 is through to the top 12!

…And that’s it for now?

Well that kind of sucks. Other XFs get all the results out in one go-around. But I guess they need to offer a tease to get people to keep tuning in. So that leaves CeCe Frey, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller, Lyric145, and Fifth Harmony waiting to hear if they’re through to the top 12 or if they’ll be singing in tonight’s bottom 2. Who you got?

8:25 PM

-We’re back from commercial with a pretty cool video package charting the formation and rise of One Direction, from their individual auditions on series 7 of The X Factor UK, through their pairing as a group at boot camp, to their current rise to the top of the charts.

This package leads us into their next performance: “Little Things”

I kind of wish they’d bust out this kind of quiet, intimate, low-light acoustic staging for some of the acts in the actual competition.

This is a pretty great song, by the way. I’ve never actually heard it before, because I live under a very comfortable rock.

8:34 PM

-We’re back with all the acts and their judges already onstage, awaiting the results.

Results, pt. 2

Carly Rose Sonenclar is through to the top 12!

Tate Stevens is through to the top 12!

Beatrice Miller is through to the top 12!

Lyric145 is through to the top 12!

Fifth Harmony is through to the top 12!

It’s Jason Brock vs. CeCe Frey in the sing-off!

-When asked what CeCe has to do to stay, Demi feels her voice will say it all.

CeCe performs her Save Me song: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” by Cher (from the movie “Burlesque”)

She’s doing a hell of a job. Seriously her best vocal this season. I’m really, truly impressed.

Her voice comes close to breaking with emotion, but she shows great control in keeping it together. She doesn’t seem as mad as she seemed after her critiques last night, but she does seem a bit beaten down.

If she’d done this performance last night, I seriously doubt she would be in this position right now.

8:43 PM

-We’re back from break with LA introducing “Mr. Entertainment” Jason Brock.

Jason performs his Save Me song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

This is a damn good vocal too. I genuinely don’t get why contestants don’t bring this kind of fire on performance night. Maybe it’s because they get to choose their own Save Me song, as opposed to having a song chosen from a list of suggestions by their mentor. Or maybe it’s simply that something changes in a person when their ass is on the line.

Time for results!

Results, pt. 3

Demi votes to send home Jason Brock.

LA Reid votes to send home CeCe Frey.

Britney votes to send home CeCe Frey.

Simon votes to send home Jason Brock.

We’re going to DEADLOCK!

The act leaving the competition is…


Jason doesn’t seem to phased by it. He’s really happy to have been here, and says that he did this for the gays and for Japan! LA says he’s sad to see Jason go, and Jason responds by saying that LA is a legend and he was honored to work with him. With that, we throw to his funeral video…

Kind of weird results show. Last season, the results shows were hideously overtimed, yet we have the results with ten minutes still left to go. I blame the fact that the judges were going straight to voting on the act they’re sending home, without explaining their decision beforehand. And mayb–

Wait a minute. Mario just gave the reason the show is running early.

After the break, for the FIRST TIME IN ANY SINGING SHOW, they’re going to reveal the voting order!

This is HUGE in terms of the ramifications it could have on future votes, since it’s easy to imagine that the fans of the top vote-getter might feel like they don’t need to vote as hard next week. Normally, XF UK waits until the end of the season to reveal who came out on top in each vote each week, yet we’re getting it now. This could create some SERIOUS drama (which I guess is the point).

8:54 PM

Here is how the rankings stand, in voting order.

12th place: CeCe Frey
11th place: Arin Ray
10th place: Beatrice Miller
9th place: Lyric145
8th place: Paige Thomas

This is crazy! Neither the contestants nor the audience seem to know how to react to any of this! Demi thought Paige would be ranked higher.

7th place: Jennel Garcia
6th place: Emblem3 (HOLY S***!)
5th place: Fifth Harmony
4th place: Diamond White
3rd place: Vino Alan
2nd place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
1st place: Tate Stevens (REALLY, AMERICA?!)

Tate is as shocked as everyone else, and speculates that it’s probably because America doesn’t get out a lot (that’s awesome).

This is a really weird experiment, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It certainly makes the competition more interesting, but it feels too much like outside interference from the producers, since voting patterns aren’t going to continue the way they would have naturally now that we know who landed where.

But I can’t lie and say this isn’t an exciting development, if only for the drama it’ll create.

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