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The X Factor – Top 12 Results Video – Live Blog and Recap – 09/11/2013

Welcome to the live blog and recap of The X Factor Top 12 for November 15, 2012.

Which acts leave tonight? Taylor Swift performs!

The X Factor  Top 13 Results  11 08 2012

So two acts are going home tonight, with the act with the lowest votes overall being eliminated immediately, and then the next two lowest vote-getters battling in the sing-off.

And off we go!

8:03 PM

-We get a recap of last night with backstage reactions. Demi is proud of Jennel, Tate embraces his wife and tells her he sang the song for her, Diamond thought her performance went well, but she’s still nervous about eliminations. Beatrice loves Britney for standing up to Simon for her, but she’s scared due to being so close to the bottom in the rankings. Lyric145 trust Simon, and they also believe there are few acts who could kill it like they did with just a few hours to prepare their song (LA pops in to agree).

-Arin is upset at how his performance went – he hugs Normani, who looks concerned for him. Paige is happy with her performance, and dedicates it to her mom and her daughter. Fifth Harmony is over-the-moon with their performance, and Simon tells them they were fantastic. Carly Rose is still amazed at the comments she got from the judges, and LA pops in to tell her that there’s no way she should be as good as she is. Vino feels great about his performance, and is feeling resilient. Emblem3 are incredibly happy with their performance this week, believing they just did Divas week “pretty legit.” CeCe cries after her performance, and Tate comforts her, promising to be there for her if she needs support. What a great guy, that Tate.

8:09 PM

-Looks like we’re going to find out the name of the first act going home…after the break! (Way to Ryan Seacrest that one, Mario)

8:13 PM

-We’re back!

Results, pt. 1

-LYRIC145 has been eliminated from The X Factor!

-They’re a total class act, thanking everyone for voting for them, even though they didn’t get to do everything they wanted to do in the competition.

8:20 PM

-Hype package for Taylor Swift, as if there’s anybody on Earth who doesn’t know who this girl is.

-Cue Taylor performing “State of Grace”, looking for all the world like Mary Stuart Masterson in Benny & Joon.

8:23 PM

-Not that she’s competing or anything, but this performance isn’t doing a thing for me, to say nothing of how the band is completely drowning her out. And I mean completely.

8:29 PM

-We’re back! Time to find out who’s automatically through to the top 10. (Side note: Holy hell, is Khloe bombing in this job. She’s making George W. Bush seem well-spoken)

Results, pt. 2

Arin Ray is through to the top 10!

Vino Alan is through to the top 10!

Carly Rose Sonenclar is through to the top 10!

Diamond White is through to the top 10!

Tate Stevens is through to the top 10!

Emblem3 is through to the top 10!

Beatrice Miller is through to the top 10!


It’s between Paige, Jennel, and Fifth Harmony! Who gets the last guaranteed spot in the top 10? We’re off to break!

8:38 PM

-It’s time for the rest of the results!

Results, pt. 3

Fifth Harmony is through to the top 10!

The sing-off is Paige Thomas vs. Jennel Garcia!

Demi is in tears over both her acts being in the bottom 2. Simon sympathizes with her.

8:40 PM

-Jennel sings “The Reason” by Hoobastank. She fights tears through the whole thing, but still sounds pretty damn good. She feels a lot more like the Jennel of old than she has the last three weeks under Demi’s mentoring.

8:42 PM

-Paige Thomas sings “Paradise” by Coldplay, and it’s actually one of her better vocals in the competition (and a very interesting song choice, far more so than any of Demi’s song choices. Sorry, I just think Demi is the worst mentor in this competition).

8:46 PM

Results, pt. 4

LA votes to send home Jennel!

Britney votes to send home Jennel!

Simon refuses to vote. He wants Demi to vote first (um…okay?). Demi throws back to Simon. Mario demands an answer. This is ABSURD.

Demi sends home Paige!

Send to Deadlock, Simon! Come the hell on!

Simon sends home Jennel!

Jennel Garcia is eliminated from The X Factor.

I hate these judges. I hate them so.

8:48 PM

-We get Jennel’s exit video, and I’m immediately struck by how much more awesome Jennel was before Demi got her hands on her, from look to stage presence and everything. Demi really does damage to her acts just by being their mentor.

-Demi tells Jennel she loves her, and that she sees big things for her future.

Off-topic, but how awkward is it going to be for Demi and Paige’s next mentoring session? Demi voted to send her home! (I get that it was probably just so it wasn’t a clean sweep against Jennel, but still, I can imagine it’ll be a bit uncomfortable)

Time for the rankings!

10. Paige Thomas
9. Arin Ray (Mario and Khloe tell him he’s up two spots, but he’s still technically second to last)
8. Beatrice Miller
7. Diamond White
6. Fifth Harmony
5. CeCe Frey (a HUGE 7-spot jump!)
4. Emblem3 (Simon still wants both his groups higher)
3. Vino Alan (no change)
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
1. Tate Stevens

Tate Stevens holds onto the top spot by less than one third of 1%!

He thanks all the country music fans who are voting, including the “Tate Nation,” which is just…yeah, that’s just fantastic. Strange though, he states that there hasn’t been a country artist on The X Factor stage before. Wither Lakoda Rayne?

Real shame about these results, as Lyric145 and Jennel were two of my favorites.

Next week is still a Wednesday/Thursday schedule, despite Thanksgiving.

See you then!

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