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The X Factor – Top 10 Results – Live Blog – 11/22/2012

Welcome to the live blog for The X Factor Top 10 results show November 22, 2012.

Cher Lloyd performs, while two acts will be leaving the competition for good.


Credit: FOX

8:02 PM

-Because we need a reminder that scheduling a results show on Thanksgiving night is the worst idea in the history of television, the game between the Cowboys and the Redskins is still ongoing. FOX is run by a confederacy of dunces.

8:06 PM

-To pass the time, here are mine and Trey’s rankings for the Top 10 performance show. Normally we post our rankings each week in an article prior to the results show, but the holidays have both of us particularly swamped. These aren’t meant to serve as our predictions, but are merely our own personal rankings based off a variety of criteria from performance, interviews, video packages, and all the different elements that come together to create the contestants we see onstage each week.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Vino Alan
3. Tate Stevens
4. Diamond White
5. Fifth Harmony
6. Emblem3
7. Beatrice Miller
8. CeCe Frey
9. Arin Ray
10. Paige Thomas

8:10 PM

-And the game is over! So I guess it’s just a few more minutes…right?

8:12 PM

-I need to uncork a bottle of wine. Covering The X Factor is thirsty work.

8:17 PM

-The show is finally starting, and not a moment too soon.

And here we go!

8:19 PM

-A full recap of last night’s show, with backstage footage. Not much of consequence except for Paige claiming she didn’t sing her song last night to sound good.

-And we’re already throwing to commercials. Bleh…

8:27 PM

-The X Factor has teamed with Best Buy to help out Bancroft Middle School, whose music program is falling apart. The music room is given “a technology makeover” with state-of-the-art recording equipment, music editing software, and more. The contestants arrive to present the music room to the kids and reveal that they’re going to be performing with the finalists on the results show. It’s a sweet little segment, and very much in tone with the holiday. And it bears stating, these Best Buy employees are seriously cute.

8:30 PM

-The finalists are singing “Fix You” by Coldplay, which is kind of an obvious song choice, but it’s a perfectly fine performance, and the middle school kids add a cute, if cloyingly sentimental, touch.

8:35 PM

-Apparently, the first act is going to be going home after the break. If I had to make a prediction, I’d guess Arin, Paige, and Beatrice land in the bottom 3, with Arin going home on votes, and Paige facing Beatrice in the sing-off. I’ll also offer a bolder prediction: I won’t have gotten any of those choices right.

Results, pt. 1

The act with the lowest number of votes is…Arin Ray.


His exit video shows just how badly Britney botched it up with him by giving him ballads on back-to-back weeks, instead of giving him an uptempo dance song to separate him from the sea of dreary ballads we get from seemingly every contestant on a weekly basis.

Britney tells Arin he should take this as a learning experience, although I would think last year would have been his learning experience. Ah well, you’re never really done learning.

8:44 PM

-Cher Lloyd is here, and singing her new single, “Oath”. Even though I’m maybe one of only seventeen people ’round these parts who give a beaver’s dam about the girl, I’m struggling to care about this performance since I haven’t eaten yet (long story, but the short of it is that I’m Puerto Rican).

-I should add that she sounds better here than in most of her performances as an X Factor contestant. She gets a standing O from all four satisfied judges, particularly Simon, who looks like the cat who caught the canary. Not sure if it’s a salute to her performance, or if it’s another “courtesy/respect ovation”. Has Cher Lloyd even been around long enough to be getting those?

Results, pt. 2

Diamond White is through to the top 8!

Vino Alan is through to the top 8!

Carly Rose Sonenclar is through to the top 8!

Fifth Harmony is through to the top 8!

Tate Stevens is through to the top 8!

Paige Thomas is through to the top 8!

Emblem3 is through to the top 8!

The sing-off is CeCe Frey vs. Beatrice Miller!

8:57 PM

-Beatrice is devastated, and CeCe comforts her, in a really endearing moment for her, I thought.

-khloe, who it seems gets to do the majority of the hosting for reasons I’ll never understand, asks Simon how he’ll make his decision, and he says they’ll base it off of the sing-off like they always have.


-She’s singing “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson. The verses, as usual, are pitchy while the big notes are pretty much on-point.

-The performance is decent enough, but I think commenter @ArchieSue is dead-on with the observation that CeCe (and Paige) need to be aiming for a more Cher Lloyd-esque direction.


-She’s singing “White Flag” by Dido, and right away it’s a thousand times better than anything she’s done at the live shows so far.

-Beatrice falls apart towards the end of the performance, and while Mario tries to cover for her by saying she’s fighting a cold, I’m not sure how that helps.

Results, pt.3

Demi sends home Beatrice!

Britney sends home CeCe!

LA sends home Beatrice! (who starts to break down)

Simon sends home Beatrice!


Aaaand Thanksgiving is now forever ruined for Beatrice, I imagine.

But seriously, Simon’s rationale that this is getting to be all too much for Beatrice, and that this maybe isn’t the time for her, causes me to again wonder why the hell the minimum age limit is thirteen.

Beatrice tells her sisters she’s sorry, and it’s Rachel Crowe all over again. Except we don’t end the show on the image of a crying thirteen year old. We still have contestants to rank!

9:12 PM

-We’re back with Khloe talking about what a heart-wrenching elimination that was for her (because we really care about how you’re taking this, Khloe).


8. CeCe Frey
7. Fifth Harmony (that is way too low, relative to some of the other acts)
6. Paige Thomas
5. Diamond White
4. Emblem3
3. Vino Alan
2. Tate Stevens
1. Carly Rose Sonenclar (who Mario pronounces as “Sonenblerg”, in the most confounding brain fart in the history of mental flatulence)

The numbers game is really weird here. You’d think that the votes from the fanbases of eliminated acts would go to some other act still in the competition. For instance, it stands to reason that Jennel Garcia’s voters would decide to back another contestant, unless Jennel was their only favorite and they’ve decided to quit voting. Either way, you’d think, at some point, there’d be more variation in the rankings. In The X Factor UK last season, the reveal of the votes at the end of the season showed that polarizing contestant Janet Devlin led the voting for the first four weeks. Yet, as the numbers dwindled, fanbases for eliminated contestants committed their votes to other contestants, which brought about the rise of Marcus Collins, among other voting changes. But we have very little variation at the middle of the pack, and hardly any variation whatsoever on top. Strange.

Well, that does it for me. Time to eat, and then plop into bed as a result of The Itis.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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