‘The X Factor’ Pepsi Challenge: Pick the finalists’ songs for next week

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It’s time for this season’s Pepsi Challenge, which I had assumed involved picking Pepsi or Coke out of a taste-test lineup, but is apparently about picking a song for the six remaining X Factor finalists for next week’s show.

Last year, the Pepsi Challenge resulted in some fairly bland song choices, such as the over-performed Mariah Carey ditty, “Hero”, and the perplexingly-selected “Fly” by Sugar Ray. This year’s song choices have some headscratchers, but there are at least more current choices for the remaining finalists than were in evidence in Wednesday’s #1’s-themed show.

The choices:

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Your Song (Elton John, though I imagine she’d be doing the Ellie Goulding version)

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Michael Jackson)

If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)

CeCe Frey

Part of Me (Katy Perry)

Die Young (Ke$ha)

So What (Pink)

Diamond White

Kiss From A Rose (Seal)

Diamonds (Rihanna)

Mercy (Duffy’s song, I assume, not Kanye West’s or Dave Matthews Band’s)


I Got A Feeling (Blacked Eyed Peas)

Forever Young (Alphaville)

Marry You (Bruno Mars)

Fifth Harmony

Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding)

What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Give Your Heart A Break (Demi Lovato)

Tate Stevens

The Dance (Garth Brooks)

If Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks)

She’s Country (Jason Aldean)


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Wow, I'll give X-factor one thing. The audience gives women a fighting chance to win the show :] 

JoeTranch moderator

Hey Nick, I think the Emblem 3 song choice is "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. 

My choices:

Carly: Your Song

CeCe: Part of Me (At her request! She has a very popular cover of this on youtube.)

Diamond White: Diamonds (Hey, they stole my suggestion from last week!)

Emblem 3: Marry You

Fifth Harmony: What Makes You Beautiful (I think they're in danger no matter what.)

Tate Stevens: She's Country (Just because I think it's lame that two songs were by Garth.)


Carly Rose Sonenclar - If I were a boy

Cece Frey - she's the onlyone that I care about but I don't liker those songs, my choice is Part of me, with the other choices the judges comments will kill her.

Diamond - Mercy, I think she can do a good job with this song

Emblem3 - Marry me

Fifth Harmony - Give Your Heart A Break, yep nice one for them

Tate Stevens - I've no idea, the gambling mafia will vote for him anyway, he is the US version of Christopher Malony.


Hmm....I'm assuming they are singing two songs right?  This is just one song that we get to pick? Anyway these choices are ok I guess. Carly's choices have been done a gazillion times except for the MJ jam so I will go with that. lols  But she would kill the out two choices so it really doesn't matter. 


My picks: 

Carly Rose Sonenclar - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)CeCe Frey - Die Young (Ke$ha)Diamond White - Diamonds (Rihanna)Emblem3 -I Got A Feeling (Blacked Eyed Peas)Fifth Harmony - Give Your Heart A Break (Demi Lovato)Tate Stevens - She’s Country (Jason Aldean)

NickRoman1 moderator

@JoeTranch You're absolutely right about the Emblem3 pick. I changed it above. Thanks for the heads up!

NickRoman1 moderator

@ArchieSue That's how it was last year, with the audience picking one song out of the two they would be performing that night. Except that last year this was done at final 4, not top 6, so I'm not sure. They didn't have a top 6 last year. They went straight from top 7 to top 5 (where they then started doing two songs each week) last year, so I don't know if top 6 = two songs. 

NickRoman1 moderator

@Trey_ I went Your Song (Carly Rose), Die Young (CeCe Frey), Diamonds (Diamond White), Marry Me (Emblem3), Anything Could Happen (Fifth Harmony), and She's Country (Tate Stevens).

JoeTranch moderator

@NickRoman1  No prob! I only realized that because I voted for it. Not that it matters now! =)

JoeTranch moderator

@Mikhail XO The theme this week is "Let's Just Get This Over With!" Actually, that's the theme of the rest of the season.


@NickRoman1 @Trey_ I also wouldn't mind Anything Could Happen for 5th Harmony. They could probably do the best harmonies on that or the Demi song. It won't happen for the One Direction song. It will be interesting to see CeCe take on Ke$ha, and thats good for her since Ke$ha talks during most of her songs. It might would help CeCe last a week.  Diamond's sometimes shaky vocals would work well in her favor on Diamonds, she could kill it. I'm pretty ambivalent about the rest of the acts.