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The X Factor – Recap – Live Blog – Week 2 Auditions 9/19/2012

It’s that time of the week again! It’s time for The X Factor

Join me in the comments for commentary on the third show of the second season and Week 2 Auditions!

Although the show was no way a ratings hit in its first week, it has earned favorable critical reviews for the judging of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, while many fans have criticized the “staged” style. Lets see how this week turns out!

So Demi and L.A. and Britney are sitting and talking and all of this is clearly staged talking about how Simon is sick and Louis Walsh is standing in for him. Wow. This is so staged. The contestants are told in the holding room that Simon isn’t going to be there and they cheer in excitement as well as outside.

Rizzloe Jones, 18 
– Rizzloe is a white guy that raps, and claims his raps are not about “stacking that paper.” Hm…. interesting. He also plans to freestyle. Even more interesting. CeCe, another contestant is talking trash about him. He is very confident and tells the judges that he knows he is the X Factor and learned the letter “X” first. L.A. tells him to rap about X Factor.
– Wow. The dude has a few bars though. L.A. is definitely into it. Britney just seems confused. Louis says to remember his name and he looks like a pop star and he and L.A. said they may have found a pop star. Britney called him a young Vanilla Ice. All judges say yes and he goes through!

CeCe Frey

– She’s super super confident. Says there is no one like her in the competition. She was talking a of junk about Rizzloe before. She works for the postal service. She tells Demi that she is better than everyone backstage! She is singing “Unchained Melody” but is CeCe-fying it for X Factor.
– CeCe’s not too good. She sings as if she things she has a great, big voice, but she doesn’t. Demi says it is confusing because she has the leopard tat and confidence and all that.
– CeCe then opts to sing “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera. She brings it this time, and this song highlights the good aspects about her voice. She’s not the best, but this is good and the crowd loves it and the judges are seriously back into her.
– Louis said she is ambitious and talent and can’t be stopped! Britney says she has the whole packaged and L.A. loves her attitude, style, ambition and says she has the X Factor! What a turn around! Louis says the X Factor NEEDS her, someone who will work hard for what she wants. Demi says her attitude is awesome and she has a girl crush on her. CeCe gets four yes’s and goes through!

Before the next contestants come up, Britney brings L.A. a cake and sings Happy Birthday. Yes, as you saw, Spears can indeed sing, and well at that.

Vino Alan, 39
–  Older contestant, doing this for his 15-year old child. Very, very nervous. Has lots of tattos, all around his face and on his head. The judges get to know him and calm his nerves. He sings “Trouble” and has a raspy country soul voice. Reminds me of Josh Krajick.
– L.A. and Britney have contemplative faces. Now as Vino continues to sing very well, their faces change and the crowd is beginning. The judges love him and consider him inspirational. Demi says there is something unique about his voice that is not in the competition.
– Britney is cracking me up twirling her hair with an “I say yes.” The judges love Vino and he goes through with all 4 Yes’s. As he exits, “The Figher” plays which reminds me of the Gym Class Heroes video featuring Olympic gold medalist John Orozco. Vino is super excited and emotional that he made it.


– We got another cocky contestant on our hands. He called Demi a “Disney Princess that likes to talk a lot.” He isn’t phased by the judges and says that he was worked and trained hard for his performance. The judges ask him what he will do with the 5 million dollars and he names many absurd things like an X Factor. I hope he has a good voice because he will be great comic relief.
– He sings Chris Brown’s “With You.” The crowd boos him as he has no stage presence and sings turned behind to his right. Britney covers her mouth. The judges then get up and walk away. He continues to sing on stage anyway. Demi says back stage that she thinks he came to get attention for being funny. D’Angelo says that Justin Bieber can’t sing and the judges don’t know talent. He says that they were afraid to face him and says they worship the devil.
-D’Angelo took the 3000$ microphone and ran off with it so the cops chase him. He says that the didn’t let him through so he is keeping the microphone. He is then arrested and sings Drake’s “Find Your Love” as he is going in the cop car. He was charged with a misdemeanor then released a few hours later.

Tate Stevens, 37
 Tate is a confident country singer from Missouri! He jokes about what his wife would do with 5 million dollars. He works in the city where he grows up. He sings “Anything Goes.” He has a good voice. Pretty standard fare country singer.
 Britney has this look between congestion or on the verge of crying but then she looks at Demi in suggestion that Tate is good. The judges love him! L.A. calls him a true country star and the best they have seen at this Audition! Louis calls him a star! Brit delivers one of her best lines of the season so far with “Holy cow, Yes!” He goes through!  

After the break Simon is back for Day 2!!

Citizen (21-25 group)

-They are an interesting group. Diverse in race, one of them even has a nose ring. The other has a tongue ring. As they are preparing to go on, the other contestants and groups seem to find them very obnoxious. They choose an interesting selection with “Let Go” by EnVogue.
-The group have choreography and everything. They are really extra. L.A. is really really into them, for what I have yet to recognize it. The other judges are as well, except for Simon but he seems to be changing as well. Alone they seem to have okay voices, the harmonies aren’t that great. I don’t understand why L.A. is acting like that. Simon calls it off. The crowd loves them.
– L.A. liked it, Britney said they “totally rocked” and said it was interesting. Demi said she wasn’t expecting that song voice. Simon said that he “didn’t get it.” I truly agreed. He said that it was 10 years out of date and they got excited and the vocals weren’t good. He says no. L.A. said yes and Demi and Britney also say Yes. Simon still criticizes them and say sthey are in a time machine. Yes! Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back” is played in the back. Anyway, to me & Simon’s dismay, the group makes it through.

Adrianna Lemus, 14

– She’s very young and sings “Rumor Has It” by Adele. Simon doesn’t like this song. She has a soulful voice but the song may be too big for her. It was. She gets all no’s. She leaves in absolute tears. This leaves the following contestant, Diamond in shock.

Diamond White, 13
– She and her mother calm down. They live together in a shoebox apartment in L.A. She says that her dad doesn’t really associate with them. She is a bundle of energy but its very nervous. She is anxious to see what Simon has to say about her. She wants her own room (a’la Rachel Crow).
– She is about to sing “It’s a Man’s World” and Simon tells her she has to be fantastic. She is very fantastic. She starts off great, and has a nice, rich deep lower register. She has a lot of rough edges, but this can be polished throughout the competition. Simon is very impressed with her. She ends on big, big high notes and the judges are pleased and she gets a overwhelming standing ovation from the crowd and is excited!
– L.A. says that her mother got it right, she is a Diamond! Demi says that she has a sparkle in her eye that grabs them and is called “The X Factor.” Britney says she totally, really brought it. Simon says it is ironic that she sung that song because she gave proof that it is not a man’s world. Simon called her incredible and she was shocked! She goes through! Watch out for Diamond in this competition. She and her family are super excited and Simon is pleased.

Ally Brooke, 18 

– She wants to be big! She wants everything, clothing line, deals, just like Beyonce! She is super anxious and sings “On My Knees” She looks and feels like a Disney star with the presence of Lea Michele. She reminds me of Jessica Sanchez for some reason. She has a really nice falsetto, and Britney seems intrigued. Simon and L.A. seem to love it.
– The record cuts off and she goes on and on and blows it out of the park until Simon calls a final cue. Demi says her voice blew her away. Britney says she was surprised and thought she should be on Broadway with her theatrical voice (JUST LIKE I SAID – a’la LEA). Simon says they are looking at a future star. She gets 4 yes’s and is through. She leaves and says God Bless You All! Amen to that great performance!

Quick Runs (All yes, full performances not televised) 

Brandon Hassan , 16

– This is a quick go through. Britney likes it. He wasn’t that good. Britney says he has a bluesy voice. Simon said he really, really liked him. Demi said definitely yes and he gets through!

Normani Hamilton

– This teenager with spunk shuts it down with “Chain of Fools” and Simon whispers that he lovers her. Demi said she has the it factor. Simon say sthis was an easy yes.

Sister C (Female Group)
– They sing “Hell on Heels.” This group actually has great harmonies. Hopefully they make it furher than Lakoda Rayne. I like them! They are good! They go through!

Jeremiah and Josh (Male Group Duo)
– They have good voices. Just alright. The judges love them, especially Britney who calls their voices “magical.” Here comes the infamous “I wish you could wake me up in the morning” comment.

Full auditions are back after the break!

Panda Ross, 42
– She is here for Simon and loves him! She calls him her “baby daddy!” She just got out the hospital yesterday with pneumonia, but made sure she was out to come to auditions. She loves to sing and is excited! She calls Simon her boo and she is here to see him! He is confused and asks if that is her real name. All the judges are shocked at the story about how she got the name “Panda.” Simon says he loves Pandas and she says that she is indeed cuddly.
– She sings “Bring It On Home” by Sam Cooke. Panda is really good! Simon and Britney love it! Britney does her golf clap and is enthused, as well as L.A. The crowd begins to stand up and clap and scream. Britney still has her mouth open and clearly loves it. Simon begins to rock and is into her peformance. She sings about what she will bring Simon if she wins the 5 million! I can see her being a gospel singer after this. She gets a standing-O from the crowd.
– L.A. says he can’t deny how good that was! She had a perfect song choice and moved the room. Panda loves Demi, who says she loves her and calls her a funny character with a soulful voice. Britney says she is witty, charming and has a good voice. She was completely entertained. Simon says that she sounds like a legend! Simon absolutely loves her! 4 yes – she’s through! Panda is too excited! The judges love her! Backstage she gets a huge hug from Demi. She just a lot of congestion to come up and she might have to get oxygen from EMS! They come to give her breathing treatments. They take her away on the stretcher, but she is too worried about Simon seeing her like that. She promises to be 100% when she returns for boot camp!

Simon and Demi are in makeup and talk about Panda. This staged parts kill me. They are good though and provide for good TV. Staged, but they do seem very genuine. This is a great panel.

Jessica Espinosa, 22 

– Her family is struggling, and she hopes that this competition can change their lives. She is singing “Nobody Knows” by Pink. She is good and has a good soulful rasp voice. A lot of her vocal qualities are like Pink and L.A. is definitely taking a liking to this. Britney has her golf clap clasped and seems to be enjoying herself. The golf clap makes it appearance at the end though! Jessica is excited and overwhelmed.
– L.A. calls her special. Britney feels like she has such a strong, deep voice and she calls it amazing. Demi doesn’t know where to start and says the same thing she said to Diamond about the “star in the eye… X Factor” L.A. says she isn’t ordinary and very special. Simon says he didn’t like it…..he loved it and loves everything about her! Wonder why? She reminds me of an older Allison Iraheta, a third-place finalist from his days on Idol. She is his favorite audition so far, and his easiest yes all day! She goes through! The panel says she has been through alot and calls her a Young Pink after she leaves. Her family is crying and excited!!

That’s it folks! Check out the X Factor Auditions when they continue tomorrow from Greenssboro, NC (ayee, my state!). Hope to see you next time! Everyone have a great rest of their night!

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