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The X Factor Australia – Results Video Live Show 9 – 11/13/2012

Here are the results for The X Factor Australia Live Show 9 on November 13, 2012.

Oh no! I am gutted by these results!


Jason Owen and Samantha Jade are safe.

Bottom 2: The Collective and Bella Ferraro

The X Factor Australia  Results Video Live Show 9  11 13 2012

Final Showdwon

Bella Ferraro sang “Angel”

The Collective sang “Use Somebody”


Judges Vote

Ronan Keating saves The Collective
Natalie Bassingthwaighte saves Bella Ferraro
Mel B saves Bella Ferraro
Guy Sebastian saves The Collective

We go to deadlock!

We go to the result of the public vote.

The act with the lowest number of votes is: Bella Ferraro.

Bella Ferraro is eliminated from The X Factor Australia!


Can The Collective still win this thing? They have been in the Bottom 2 for two weeks in a row now.

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I love Samantha Jade! From the start she has been my fave, I don't know why but I can't help but be attracted to her voice. and I will be right, it's going to be Samantha vs the Collective in the final two. I love the collective as well, but they have somehow lost that spark that they had from the start. And for some reason, trent bell's voice is kinda annoying. Will gets more airtime, love his voice, but Jayden's got an amazing voice too.


samantha was awesome esp on heartless.. hope she wins.


I adored Bella, but I'm glad The Collective made it through. Jason Owen, great bloke as he is, is the one who should have been sent packing. That would have been the best final three since Idol season 7.  

And I don't think The Collective can still win, but they can still be huge. Hell, One Direction was the first act eliminated in the grand final in The XF UK. I expect huge things from those guys no matter where they finish.

Also, they're opening up WORLDWIDE voting for next week's finale via Facebook! 

Rickey moderator

@NickRoman1 Worldwide voting is a terrible idea Nick. Imagine if worldwide voting was open on American Idol last season. Jessica Sanchez would have won and dot dot dot...


@Rickey Wow!!! Let me tell you something Rickey. First of all, Jessica Sanchez being a winner of that season is not the end of the world. You call other people haters but you are one of them. Second of all, PP is an amazing artist. He will still be successful because of his talent not because of winning AI (just like runner-ups Katharine Mcphee or Adam Lambert). And by the way, I am a Vietnamese not a Fillipino... I have to disagree with you on this one.


@Rickey @NickRoman1 Oh, I'm not saying it's necessarily a good idea, but at least somewhat neutralizes Jason Owen's fanbase, since it seems to be based on the fact that he's this true Australian, and a real Aussie bloke. Most of the other forums I hit up seem to have been huge for The Collective and Sammi (also What About Tonight, for some reason). 

I don't think worldwide voting would work for every competition, but I do think it could work here, particularly if it makes the finale a little less predictable (because, barring any huge twists, Jason Owen is winning this thing pretty easily).