The X Factor

The X Factor 2012 – Top 16 Revealed – Video

The X Factor 2012 Top 16 is revealed! Who made the live shows???

We are live blogging and building the list — join us!

Which team is the strongest? Was there any wrong decisions from the mentors?

WARNING: SPOILERS in the end for US viewers who prefer to watch next Tuesday.

The Top 16

The X Factor 2012  Top 16 Revealed


Mentor: Britney Spears

1. Diamond White

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar (YES!)

3. Arin Ray (YES! YES! YES!)

James Tanner did not make it.

Reed Deming did not make it.

4. Beatrice Miller

OVER 25s

Mentor: L.A. Reid

1. David Correy

Daryl Black did not make it.

2. Jason Brock (YES! Adam Lambert 3.0!)

3. Tate Stevens

Tara Simon did not make it. NOOOOOO! Not the drama queen!

4. Vino Alan

LOL, LA has four older males on his team.


Mentor: Demi Lovato

1. Jennel Garcia (YES!)

2. Willie Jones (YES!)


NOTE: FOX just preempted the show with The Mindy Project and baseball.

The show has been postponed!

The Top 16 Reveal will air next week on TUESDAY!!! Hahahahaha. FAIL FACTOR.

NOTE: It turns out the show is still airing in Canada!!! So we will have spoilers… stay tuned.


***** SPOILERS *****

3. Paige Thomas

Nick Youngerman did not make it. NOOOOOOOOO! Not the janitor!

Jillian Jensen did not make it. NOOOOOOOO! Don’t let the bullies win Demi!

4. Cece Frey


Mentor: Simon Cowell

1. Lyric 145

Dope Crisis did not make it.

2. Emblem3

NOTE: Looks like the Canada feed just switched to a different episode and stopped airing the Top 16 reveal show! Maybe they’ve been reading! 🙂



4. Playback Sister C

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