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The Voice – Top 6 – Who’s Going Home? Who’s Your Favorite? – Poll

Who’s going home on The Voice Top 6? It’s another double elimination!

Who’s your favorite? Take the poll!

The Voice  Top 6  Who s Going Home Who s Your Favorite  Poll

Who’s Your Favorite?

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Who’s Going Home?

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Week after week, Rickey readers keep saying that Trevin is in trouble, but I don't think he'll be leaving tonight.  Love it or sick of it, his ITYING is the type of performances these shows are made for.  And out of the top 6, I think he's the most sympathetic contestant, Nick not too far behind.

The three most vulnerable tonight is Melanie.  Terry or Amanda is most likely to join her.  But double eliminations are really hard to predict.

Question:  Is the finale the final 4, 3 or 2 this season?


Weakest of the night....Terry and Melanie. Who is going, Terry and Trevin. This was by far Trevin's best week and he was perhaps the strongest overall with his performances, BUT I think we are now into voting based less on a weeks performance. I think Amanda has been the strongest week in and out, Cassadee seems to have support that I question, but it is there, and Nick and Melanie will see their quirks serve them well and keep them in the competition.


@Mikhail XO Wow I thought Terry may be a goner but I guess he may survive to sing another week. Looks like no one is going to catch up to Cassadee P.I.M.P, the girl is going to win.  

Looks like Amanda, Trevin and Melanie are in the most danger of going.  Amanda was great last night but I think she was trying too hard on her second song and both of her songs are a little too dated for people to buy. 


@Mikhail XO @IdleTime So the Voice is going to have a finale with top 2 for the first time?  Yes, that might be the finale 2 --  Cassadee and Trevin.  If so, I wouldn't be surprised if Trevin wins.  Cassadee might have the biggest fan base out there, but Trevin might garner all the votes from eliminated contestants.  The Voice audience does have a sweet tooth for black male singers, if their first two winners are of any indication.  Nicholas might sneak into the finale though.