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The Voice – Top 4 – iTunes Charts

Voting just closed for The Voice Top 4 and here are the standings on the iTunes charts.

Three artists made it to the Top 5 with one reaching #1 again…

iTunes Charts

(as of this writing)

#1 – Cassadee Pope – Stupid Boy
#2 – Terry McDermott – Let It Be
#5 – Nicholas David – You Are So Beautiful
#34 – Trevin Hunte – Wind Beneath My Wings

I wouldn’t declare a winner just yet… anything can still happen next week!

The Voice  Top 4  iTunes Charts

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Klope62 moderator

I'm still surprised at Terry's success every week. He does have a good voice, but I find most of his performances and song choices so drull.


WOW, Cassadee you go girl, my guess is that Terry and Cassadee has been topping the votes every week, and because they need that lame coach vs coach thing in the final (bacause its the voice, it cant be only about the contestants) they are letting nicholas (or could be trevin) get into the final with that last minute final 3.


How does the roll-over votes for itunes charting work again? I'm still lost on that process.

Kathie Hein
Kathie Hein

Then I'd say Trevin is definitely going home...

Rickey moderator

@Izikiel If a singer ends up in the finals then ALL the itunes votes of the season will be counted toward the final total. (That's how I understand it).


@Rickey @Izikiel Then I have no problem betting all my money on Cassadee. She will have won by a landslide.