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The Voice Top 10 – Who’s Going Home? Who’s Your Favorite? – Poll

Who’s going home on The Voice Top 10 Live Playoffs? Who’s your favorite?

It’s going to be another double elimination! Take the poll!

The Voice Top 10  Who s Going Home Who s Your Favorite  Poll

Who’s Your Favorite?

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Who’s Going Home?

(Choose 2)

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(This poll requires Facebook — it’s the office pool!)

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Got Something to Add?


These polls make no sense.  Of course, it's Rickey's.  You can't be 4th in popularity AND going home tonight.


@waynocoaster I agree.  The "Who's Your Favorite" should be the only poll that we should look at to determine who's going home.  Or at the very least analyze the two polls together.  Cody's performance is polarizing.  It's a love-hate thing.  Lots of votes for him going home also means that he's getting lots of attention.  Of the top 10, Cody is also the 4th most popular on Facebook.  One of the guys will be going home with Sylvia, and I think Terry is in more danger than Cody.

All n all, it's an unpredictable night.