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The Voice – Season 4 – Week 6 – What You Didn’t See – Video

Here are behind the scenes video from Week 6 of The Voice Season 4! What You Didn’t See… the Michelle and Usher pushup challenge!

OMG, Usher is so hot! #TeamUSHER!

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LOL she said sing what haha I love her 

Rickey moderator

@Forever504 I read somewhere that there might be a chance that they will keep this panel for the fall as well because the chemistry is better than the original lineup. 

But I really don't know if these 4 are willing to do two seasons a year. But I guess if Blake and Adam are willing...

Shakira and Usher are simply two superstars that can still relate to today's audiences.

Xtina not so much. And Cee Lo, he's OK, but he really didn't contribute too much with the banter.