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The Voice – Season 4 Top 5 – iTunes Charts Final Ranking

Here are The Voice Top 5 iTunes rankings at the end of voting at 10 am ET.

The votes for songs in the Top 10 are multiplied by 10.

If this chart shows a voting trend, then it’s going to be close between Michelle Chamuel and Amber Carrington for the last spot in the finals. The Top 2 are The Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery (both from Team Blake Shelton). Sasha Allen‘s chances in making the final are very slim.

Two artists will be eliminated tonight.

The Voice - Season 4 Top 5 - iTunes Charts Final Ranking

The Voice – Season 4 Top 5 – iTunes Charts Final Ranking

Rank Artist Song
2 The Swon Brothers Danny’s Song
4 Danielle Bradbery Who I Am
6 Danielle Bradbery Please Remember Me
8 The Swon Brothers Turn The Page
9 Amber Carrington Sad
12 Michelle Chamuel Time After Time
23 Michelle Chamuel Clarity
49 Sasha Allen I Will Always Love You

Source: iTunes

Screencap at 11 am ET:

The Voice - Season 4 Top 5 - iTunes Charts

The Voice – Season 4 Top 5 – iTunes Charts

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I knew "Danny's Song" would sell well. Love love love love that song. Plus Danielle was a lock for the finale regardless. Go Swon Bros!  lols   It's going to be sad if Michelle doesn't make it through. Hopefully she got more votes.  Amber was great too with "Sad" but she bombed on "Firework".  I prefer Michelle in the finale, why didn't Usher wait to pull the Taylor Swift card this week. Dang IT!  They need to just have 4 people in the finale like they did in season 1 and 2?  I think? lols  

Bye bye Sasha, she had her worst night of the season and no one is going to buy those dated songs.  Shakira needs to learn about song choices. She is almost as bad as Ceelo at picking songs for people.  Still mad that Garrett didn't make it further.  Shak screwed him with that god awful boy band song. 

Looks like Blake is going to win again.  He is unstoppable!!  :)   If the Swon Bros do well next week they could take the whole thing.  Right now Danielle will reign supreme.


The final three will be Michelle, Danielle and the Swon Bros. The Swon Brothers could be the dark horse to win this whole thing. Their performance last night was one of the best of the season and both performances are charting in the top ten..


Amber has an amazing voice and I think she will go far after the competition, she is so versatile and can sing any genre.


Go Swon Bros! And Danielle! My top 2.

Hope Michelle makes it instead of Amber though. I think Michelle has many more fans than Amber so she migh have gotten a lot more phone and online votes..