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The Voice – Results Recap Videos – 04/18/2012

Here’s a quick recap and videos from last night’s shocking results show on The Voice featuring Team Christina and Team Blake.

Do yo agree with America’s saves and the coaches’ picks?

The show opens with British boyband The Wanted singing their latest single ‘Chasing The Sun‘ with Team Blake (who really didn’t do anything actually, they just stood there and danced a little).

I love The Wanted so much! Almost as much as One Direction!

The Wanted – Chasing The Sun

And now the results!

First, each team gets the news of who America Saves. Both teams get a shocker in my opinion. But amazingly, it only proves that The Voice and American Idol really do share the same audience. So who’s voting on these reality singing shows? My guess are cougars and little girls. Tonight’s results are very much in line with what we’ve witnessed on American Idol time and time again through the years.

Team Christina:

Team Christina – America Saves…

Ashley De La Rosa – You and I

Lindsey Pavao – Please Don’t Go

Christina Aguilera Saves…

For a moment there, I thought that Christina would just go nuts and go with Ashley. Apparently she got a lot of flack for getting rid of Jesse Campbell on Monday and she’s been rather emotional. Lindsey Pavao now has to work harder to win. Just two perfect song choices and the title is hers in my opinion. It almost feels that the show is doing everything in it’s power now to make her win.

Now on to Team Blake:

Team Blake – America Saves…

Erin Willett – Proud Mary

RaeLynn – If I Die Young

Blake Shelton Saves…

Dammit. Blake Shelton does it again! Another shocker. From the beginning everyone believed that RaeLynn was Blake’s bet to go with him to the very end, but tonight he chose Erin who had a better performance in the last chance save me song.

I am in total shock over this. Blake is now going into the semifinals with Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett! A totally unwinnable combo from him. I think Jordis Unga was totally robbed here. She could have easily beaten RaeLynn in the sing-off (or even Erin for that matter). At least for Jermaine, he actually led all the acts Monday night with iTunes sales. Erin didn’t even chart in the Top 200 (while Jordis and Jesse did).

My body is numb. Two nights of shockers from The Voice with 3 weeks to go. And these were real shockers and not the fake one that American Idol gave us last week. I can’t even muster up the strength to get angry — it’s just physically exhausting. I was sad initially, but now I’m just impressed at how the show was willing to risk the ire of the fans with a result like this. Christina didn’t care and Blake didn’t care — they gave their decision and that’s it. You have to give them props for that.

For Jordis in particular though, I hope that Blake gives her the after show support he gave his two acts last year in Xenia and Dia — which I think he will do for RaeLynn who was his wife’s favorite this year.

Long live The Voice! Now on to Team Cee Lo and Team Adam!

The Voice  Results Recap Videos  04 18 2012

Jordis After Her Elimination

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