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The Voice 2 – Finale Results – Live Blog – May 8, 2012

Tonight is The Voice Season 2 Finale results show on May 8, 2012! After weeks of blind auditions, battle rounds, and live shows, we are now down to the season finale. Chris Mann, Juliet SimmsJermaine Paul, and Tony Lucca took to the stage last night for your votes. As far as musical guests go, we have Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber, Hall & Oates, and Flo Rida. But, more importantly, who will win?! readers have predicted that Juliet Simms will win the whole competition. Let’s hope you guys are right!

As of 7 P.M., Lucca‘s “99 Problems” was #3 on iTunes — while his duet (“Yesterday”) with Adam Levine was at #5. Also, Mann and Christina Aguilera‘s duet of “The Prayer” was at #10. If this is any indication, looks like a guy just might nab the crown.

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Anyways, I will be live blogging the results right here for your viewing pleasure. So, come back soon and often for updates. Btw, the finale results show starts at 9 PM EST and lasts for 2-jam-packed-hours!

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Carson Daly introduces the the four most talented vocalists in America!


Recap of last night. The judges dish about the remaining contestants and how they’ve inspired them. Cee Lo Green is wearing a red shirt with all the names of his team members. How cute.

Carson announces that past contestants from this season will be returning!!!


Musical Performance – Jermaine Paul w/ Pip, James Massone, and Jamar Rogers – “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5

Oh, these guys are back! They’re all decked out in gold suits! Cheese factor is on high tonight. A pretty solid performance. Jermaine worked out some of those runs.

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Behind-the-scenes video: We get a glimpse at all the goofiness that ensues on set. Blake totally checked out Cee Lo. LOL. “It doesn’t hurt to be beautiful,” Cee Lo says. Apparently, Xtina and Blake have gone fishing. “I’m not going fishing with you anymore,” she says. Haha.


Musical Performance – Juliet Simms with Flo Rida – “Whistle” and “Wild One”

Odd pairing. Juliet doesn’t sound too bad on hip hop/pop. She could totally put out a pop record, if done right.

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Musical Performance – Chris Mann with Lindsay Pavao and Katrina Parker – “Bittersweet Symphony”

Love this song! Perfect for them! Chris doesn’t sound so bad, but the girls totally rock this. I miss Katrina and Lindsay!

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Bromance Video: Adam and Blake have something very special between them. Aww. “I do think he’s a good looking man,” Blake says of Adam. They like to dance together. FYI, Blake now has a crush on Carson.

Musical Performance – Hall & Oates w/ Jermaine, Tony and Chris – “Rich Girl”

I didn’t realize Hall and Oates were still a thing. I listened to them growing up, sure, but this is not exciting material for a finale. I want some Katy Perry. Please and thank you. The guys simply provide some nice background vocals. Good stuff.

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Coach Video: We get to see more peeks at the four judges behind-the-scenes. There is so much chemistry. They all make fun of each other.


Musical Performance – Kim Yarbrough, Naia Kete, Sarah Hill and Cheesa – “Superstition”

Girl Power!!! Cheesa is back!!! I hate this song with a passion, but these girls work this out.

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Parks and Recreation Parody Video: Amy Poehler parodies the show. Her boss decides to get one of those swivel chairs. Cee Lo makes an appearance! Hilarious!

Musical Performance – Juliet Simms w/ Erin Willett, Raelynn and Jamar Rogers – “With a Little Help from My Friends” by Joe Cocker

Jamar is just a lovable guy, huh? Lots of screen time for him tonight! Love this song! Oh damn, Erin is great on this. Raelynn, God love her, but she’s not so good tonight. Go Jamar! Sing it, dude! And Juliet totally should have sung this last night.

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Purrfect the Cat Video: Purrfect is the breakout star of the show! Purrfect recently scored an endorsement deal with Purina and reinveted the Meow Mix jingle with Cee Lo. Check it out HERE. 

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Musical Performance – Lady Antebellum – “Wanted You More”

Awesome! Love this song. Lady A are such a class act. So glad they were booked for this. This track is from their Own the Night album.

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Musical Performance – Tony Lucca with Jordis Unga – “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac

YES! JORIDS IS BACK! Singing one of my favorite songs in history, she sounds pretty fantastic on this. Plus, she looks gorgeous. How did this girl NOT make the finale?! I still won’t get over that.

Check out their full performance HERE.

Photo Credit: NBC

Photo Credit: NBC


Coach Cat Parody: Oy. They are auditioning cats. LOLz. “Dig down deep and find your inner freak.”

Contestants on the Red Carpet: We get to see them living the life on the red carpet! And they attended a party! KIA motors gave them each a car!!!! That’s a prize in itself! Juliet doesn’t have a car so she needed one 🙂


World Premiere Performance – Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend”

Photo Credit: YouTube

This song. I can’t. It is catchy, though. Six backup dancers faun all over him and he works out some dance moves. Gold sneaks!!!

I wanna see Xtina give him the biatch face again…

Check out his full performance HERE.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the official music video:



Juliet Simms, Tony Lucca, Chris Mann and Jermaine Paul stand center stage!


The artist in 4th place is……CHRIS MANN!!! (Oh wow, he had his best night last night. Hmm)


The artist in 3rd place is……TONY LUCCA!!! (Holy. Crap.)


The artist in 2nd place is……JULIET SIMMS (Damn.)


The winner of season two is……JERMAINE PAUL!!!

Watch the results HERE.


He sings “I Believe I Can Fly” as his swan song. Lots of hugs and kisses and tears. We’re out.


Wow. I did not expect that results at all. I’m most shocked that neither Tony or Chris took the crown. I’m happy Juliet at least finished in second place. Much deserved in that regard. But…Jermaine?!?!?! Oy.


What do you guys think? Did Jermaine deserve to win? Sound off in the comments!

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