The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 8 – Recap – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

Here’s the recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 8: “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” on the CW.

After last week’s controversial twist, namely that Elena might be sired to Damon, there were definitely some high expectations for tonight’s episode to give us answers. Well, in true Vampire Diaries fashion, it (sort of) delivered.
This week marked the return of some almost forgotten TVD staples – like flashbacks, blood bags, brotherly bonding… and bourbon. As much as it felt like a classic TVD episode, I was hoping for a little more. The biggest thing I wanted to see was Elena and Damon happily together – as in, physically together and emotionally happy – for at least one episode. Just one! Unfortunately for me and all the rest of you #Delena shippers, we only got a quick glimpse into what Happy Delena looks like. We did, however, get some important insight into Evil Professor Shane’s master plan, Caroline finally gave up her judgmental bitch act, Hayley got somewhat likeable and Tyler got HOT. Let’s get into it.

The Vampire Diaries  Season 4 Episode 8  Recap  We ll Always Have Bourbon Street


Stop ruining Caroline! This is the first thing I wrote in my notes about our normally lovable, strong willed, badass yet vulnerable vamp Caroline. In the past two episodes, she’s just been straight up annoying (aside from Klaroline, of course). Are we going to have to listen to Caroline yap through all of Damon and Elena’s love scenes? Tonight’s episode opened with Delena enjoying a morning-after romp while Caroline went on and on about the sire bond revelation to Stefan. We get it Car, you hate Damon. You’re also a shitty best friend. Got it. Caroline tells Stefan she needs to talk to Tyler about how to break Elena’s sire bond and she heads to school. At school, Elena asks Caroline and Bonnie for a girls night in a scene that is so relatable, I forget I’m watching two vampires and a witch talk about their relationships with more vampires and one creepy evil professor.

Anyway, Caroline continues to be the worst friend ever at girls night by berating Elena’s and Bonnie’s choice in men. Again, when did Caroline turn into bitchy judgmental mom? I have girlfriends like this and I hate them. When Elena tells the girls she finally let Damon hit it and that she might be falling in love with him, Caroline drops the bomb: “you’re not falling in love with him, you’re sired to him!”

Girls night quickly goes wild and the girls rock out to Dragonette, get drunk in a bathtub and get ambushed by some hybrids. Oh yeah, that was normal.
Caroline and Tyler’s interactions this season have been kept to a minimum this season so I had to remind myself why the hybrids would go after Caroline. Well, they did and we got one step closer to super hot Alpha Hybrid Tyler.


I’m sure a lot of you have been on Team Tyler for seasons now but as much as I liked him, Tyler never did it for me. I loved him because (pre-judgmental bitch) Caroline loved him but I never really found Tyler attractive until tonight.
Tyler’s relationship with Hayley still seems inappropriate and in their first scene tonight, I started to wonder if Tyler was sired to Hayley the way he was letting her manipulate him into making the other hybrids turn so they could break their bond to Klaus. Well some rebel hybrid whose name I can’t remember isn’t feeling Tyler’s leadership skills so she orchestrates a mutiny and gets the pack to turn on Tyler and kidnap his “girlfriend.” Are Tyler and Caroline together right now? If they had Facebook, their relationship statuses would say “complicated.” Anyway, Elena finds Tyler to save Caroline and he tells her that the sire bond doesn’t alter your feelings, only your actions. POINT, TEAM DELENA.
Rebel Hybrid Girl is torturing Caroline and tries to hurt Elena when Hot Tyler steps in and turns me on by almost ripping her heart out. She finally succumbs and Tyler is left standing as the hybrid pack’s ultimate Alpha. That, was straight up HOT but I still don’t understand what these free hybrids think they are going to do when they are all un-sired to Klaus. He’s the most powerful creature on the planet you guys. It’s a good thing Tyler is pretty because I don’t think he’s really thought this through.

Shane / Hayley

We found out tonight that Hayley’s motivation for working with (Evil Professor) Shane is to find out about her birth parents. She mentioned that episode that she was adopted. Somehow with that small nugget of information, I suddenly like Hayley way more. I know, I know but considering how much I disliked her, it’s still not that much. The Shane/ Hayley plot thickened tonight with some important developments. Shane wants 12 un-sired hybrids to do some ritual that probably involves a sacrifice and bringing people back from the dead. I mean, really, the only supernatural thing this show is missing in zombies. Hey, if Shane bring TVD zombies, I might start liking him too. Shane also has Bonnie wrapped around his evil little finger and has her practicing some weird witchy voodoo that we learned tonight is called “expression.” Dun dun dun…


I have to give it up to Stefan for being pretty level headed when it came to the whole Elena being sired situation. When Caroline was squawking about having to tell Elena right away, Stefan came up with a better, more subtle, pretty genius way to tell if Elena was sired to Damon. He asks Damon to tell Elena to drink from a blood bag and see if her body rejects it. If Elena can keep the blood down, she’s sired. If not, Damon’s right and Stefan is just a whiny scorned ex-boyfriend. Well, Stefan was right and this news sparks a Salvatore brother flashback bonding trip to New Orleans, 1922. Stefan’s BFF Lexie is back. I always liked her. Stefan is ripper sober and about to embark on a war tour in Egypt. Through the flashbacks, we basically learn that Stefan is a saint and Damon is selfish. Same old shit. The most interesting thing Stefan said all episode was in the present day. When Damon calls him out for blaming the sire bond for all of Elena’s feelings, Stefan answers with this: “It’s impossible she doesn’t see how wrong you are for her!” Hm. Keeping with the theme of season four, Stefan doesn’t know Elena as well as he thinks. This season, he’s the one who is wrong for Elena.


All Damon wanted was “one secret selfish day” where he and Elena didn’t have to tell Stefan that they had hot vampire sex and could be HAPPY. Have we ever heard Damon say he was happy? I think that was a moment for the TVD history books. You could tell Damon was hurt when he found out Elena was sired to him after she drank the blood from the blood bag. Hurt but determined. Turns out, Damon’s had a sire before, a pretty young thing names Charlotte back in 1922 in New Orleans. Damon sets out to find the witch that tried to helped him break Charlotte’s sire bond to him. After some digging and some convincing of badass witch, Stefan and Damon find out that the only way to break the bond is for Damon to tell his sire to leave him forever. When he’s doing this to Charlotte, it was nice foreshadowing to a scene I hoped we wouldn’t see: Damon doing the same thing to Elena. When Stefan kept asking Damon to do the right thing for Elena, I couldn’t understand why Damon needed to tell Elena to stay away from him? Her feelings are real, they are just heightened so why would Damon need to release her? Well, it probably has something to do with Elena having free will and that it’s weird if you have to do everything your boyfriend says but whatever, more Delena sex!


Remember when Elena was weak, annoying, indecisive and naive? Yeah, me neither. I love this Elena so if she’s not who she’s “supposed” to be, as Caroline keeps pointing out, well I don’t want her any other way. Elena rightfully kicks out Caroline after she spills the sire beans but then comes to her rescue just moments later. Elena knows she’s sired to Damon but that it hasn’t affected her feelings and she makes a choice. She chooses to fight for Damon. When Damon tries to release her from his sire bond and essentially make her forget him altogether, she pleads “don’t do this to me.” I don’t think I breathed through this entire scene. When Elena grabbed Damon’s hand and asked “does this feel wrong?” I just couldn’t take it. I wrote DON’T DO IT in my notes. Elena has grown so much and she deserves at least one more “secret selfish day” with Damon. Based on the cliffhanger final scene, it looks like we might see that second day. GAME, SET, MATCH, DELENA!

What do you think Damon and Elena will do about her sire bond? Will they stay together knowing Elena has no free will? What’s Shane’s plan for the 12 hybrids? Is Caroline finally done being a bitch? What’s up with Bonnie? Sound off in the comments!


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