The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 7 – Recap – My Brother’s Keeper

Here’s the recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7: “My Brother’s Keeper” on the CW.

Let’s go ahead and add this one to the The Vampire Diaries best episodes of all time list. At the very least, tonight’s suspense filled, shock inducing, jaw dropping, oh-so-satisfying, surprisingly romantic installment of TVD was hands down the best of the season. I mean, really, they could have just made Elena and Damon have passionate, violent, hot vampire sex all episode and we would’ve been happy since we’ve been waiting four whole seasons for it to finally go down. A full hour of soft core vampire porn would have sufficed. Seriously. Instead, not only did we get a hot Delena hookup, TVD delivered important developments across the board: we saw the unraveling as Jeremy as we knew him and the unveiling of this season’s real villains, Shane and Hayley and one major plot twist that could change everything. Plus, Klaus and Caroline were so cute I couldn’t stand it.

I’ve got a lot to say so let’s break it down by character shall we?

Caroline (and Klaus)

It was nice to see Caroline back in fine form planning the Founder’s Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. I just made up that official title because I felt like that’s how Caroline would’ve wanted it. Anyway, the episode opens with Caroline doing her thing and talking Stefan down from a ripper rampage ledge. He’s just doing push ups in the forest like it’s no big deal. When Stefan tells Caroline that Elena broke up with him because of her feelings for Damon, she makes her feelings very clear. “He’s Damon and you’re you and I’m revolted,” As much as I loved this line when it left Caroline’s lips I’m going to have to call out my favorite blonde vamp for being a shitty best friend. We’ve all been there. You think you’re BFF is falling for the wrong dude. Yes, you voice your concerns but you never, ever take sides, especially with the ex. Despite Caroline’s declaration that she only had Elena’s best interests at heart, she definitely Team Stefan.

While Caroline was being a crappy friend to Elena, she was being awesome with Klaus, but also a crappy girlfriend to Tyler. Caroline agreed to let Klaus take her to the pageant party on a date. Finally! I might’ve been more excited for this date than for the Delena hookup. Shhh. This episode made me officially a Klaus and Caroline shipper. Couple name anyone? Klaroline? How cute were they when Klaus was reading Caroline’s Miss Mystic Falls application? And when Klaus finally admitted his momentary wish for humanity? I can’t. This couple is too cute for words. My grown up Christmas wish is a Klaroline kiss. Come on Julie Plec!

Hayley (and Tyler)

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear enough how much I dislike Hayley. I truly loathe her and not just because I’m supposed to in this mythical world of heroes and villains when she’s clearly landed on the femme fatale villainous side. Nope, I hate her because she’s making me dislike Tyler. The same Tyler that in three seasons, found depth and emotional layers has in one season, gone back to that dumb, jealous, naive jock we hated from episode one. Blame Hayley. We first see Bitchy Hayley tonight when she’s waiting around while one of Klaus’ hybrid’s tries to break the sire bond. When Nameless Hybrid asked Hayley what was in it for her, I knew she was up to no good. We later find out at the pageant party that Hayley and Evil Professor Shane are in cahoots and I literally wrote in my notes,” I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE IN CAHOOTS.” I think I just really wanted to use the word “cahoots” three times.

It will be interesting to see how Hayley’s role evolves throughout the season. If Klaus/Rebekkah/old Tyler have taught us anything, it’s that our perceptions of characters can drastically change.

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Well, we all knew this was coming: Jeremy Gilbert, Vampire Hunter. Jeremy confides in newly wise and not useless Matt about his super hunter strength and his homicidal dreams in which he kills Elena. Uh oh. Matt’s wise words of advise were for Jeremy to get his shit together and tell Elena everything. Instead, Jeremy goes with Stefan to kill his second vampire. At this point, we all know Jeremy is in danger of becoming Connor 2.0, Alaric 2.0 or WORSE 1.0 but Stefan’s got “we have to cure Elena” blinders on and doesn’t think of the potentially deadly consequences. When Jeremy stakes Stefan, it’s clear the naive little “Jer” who would do anything for his big sister is long gone. He’s completely flipped the switch and gone Hunter on us. As much as I’ve been wrapping my head about this all season, seeing Jeremy go homicidal crazy on his own sister was probably the most disturbing scene in Vampire Diaries history. The fact that Elena and Jeremy are the only family each other have left and would do anything to protect each other has been a running TVD theme since day one. I guess the last semi-functional family in Mystic Falls has finally fallen apart for good. Elena moves out of the Gilbert house and Matt moves in. Let’s hope Wise Matt can keep Hunter Jeremy contained.


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve written “Poor Stefan” this season. The first Stefan pity party came to me when Stefan ran into Damon early in the episode. Damn Paul Wesley’s eyes. They break my heart every time. Stefan confesses to Damon that he and Elena broke up and tells Damon not to “pretend this isn’t the best day of your life.” It was a great line but I could hear the pain in Stefan’s voice.

Aside from the pity, for the most part in this episode, I thought Stefan was acting like a little whiny jerk who just wants his girlfriend back. He went all Dexter on some murderer dude so he could offer him up to Hunter Jeremy all in the name of curing Elena. That’s where I really feel sorry for him. Stefan’s entire life revolves around Elena. He’s so lost without the Elena he used to know, he’s chasing a cure instead of trying to embrace her for what she is.

So about that twist, Stefan finds refuge at new BFF Caroline’s place when Elena moves into the Salvatore mansion (BTW dick move Elena) and while he’s engaging in some girl talk about how sucky Elena has become, Caroline comes up with this idea that Elena is SIRED TO DAMON. WHAT!? It will be interesting to see how Stefan plays this in the coming episodes.

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Ian Somerhalder damn near killed me tonight. He was that good. Damon had some good banter with Professor Shane where he uncovered that Bonnie is an integral part in finding the vampirism cure but, blah blah, no one cares because ELENA AND DAMON FINALLY HAD SEX YOU GUYS. And it was hot and steamy and everything we hoped it would be until they went and revealed that Elena might only want Damon because she’s SIRED TO HIM. I will stop writing that in caps right after I pick of the exploded bits of my brain off the floor. The whole episode was a slow, suspenseful and painstakingly emotional dance between Damon and Elena leading up to their final hookup scene. The genuine smile on Damon’s face when Elena told him she broke of with Stefan for him was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Every time Damon and Elena caught eyes, I had to hold my breath. Their chemistry is truly unmatched. As much as their hot hookup was satisfying and everything I hoped it would be, I can’t help but feel somewhat cheated knowing the possibility that Vampire Elena is sired to Damon and that’s why she’s finally given in to him. It just leaves a bitter sweet taste to this epic moment. That being said, I do think Caroline and Stefan have ulterior motives so their theory about Damon’s sire bond over Elena might not be the whole truth. Fingers crossed.

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Homegirl has gone through so much this season, I don’t think she needed her little brother coming after her with a wooden stake now did she? Will all the Delena stuff going on, the affects of Jeremy’s Hunter transformation on Elena went a little unnoticed this episode. Like I said, Elena’s sole purpose has always been to protect Jeremy and now he wants to kill her. That has to hurt. Speaking of hurt, Stefan admitted to Elena that he’s still looking to cure her so she’ll go back to her old self and maybe un-break up with him. Elena tells Stefan to stop trying to fix her. I thought this was the perfect way to put it. Vampire Elena might be different but she’s still Elena and she’s still “alive.” Aside from an unsupportive best friend, Caroline (remember Bonnie anyone? Me neither), a homicidal brother Jeremy and a meddling ex Stefan, Elena’s “confused, newbie vampire heart” had to deal with her newly declared feelings for Damon. Feelings that we thought were just heightened by her transition into vampirism. Well, we may have thought wrong. If Elena is in fact sired to Damon, this changes everything. Or will it? I mean, once you go Damon..

Do you think Elena is sired to Damon? If she is, what does that mean for their relationship? What are Hayley and Professor Shane up to? Are you as obsessed with Klaus and Caroline as I am?


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