The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 6 – Full Video and Recap – We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Here’s the full video and recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” on the CW.

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If we’ve learned anything in almost four seasons of The Vampire Diaries, it’s that a lot can happen in one episode. This one was jam packed with almost everything I love about TVD: Klaus’ charm, Damon’s wit, Stefan’s vulnerability and Elena’s fickle heart. Oh, and KATHERINE! I was disappointed her visit to Mystic Falls was only in the form of hallucinations but it was good to see her nonetheless. You know who wasn’t a welcome face this episode? Hint: he really needed a shower. Remember when I nicknamed Connor the vampire hunter Creepy Connor when he first showed up? Remember last week I said GOOD RIDDANCE when Elena snapped his neck? Well turns out Creepy Connor wasn’t really gone, he just came back CREEPIER THAN EVER. Basically, Connor haunted Elena via hallucinations all episode and everyone had to scramble to stop her from killing herself to get his annoying face outta her head. Aside from blood-covered villains we never wanted to see again, this week brought us very necessary character developments, some great Damon one-liners, one Stefan sized broken heart and the promise of a Klaus/Caroline date! OMG, like, so excited. I mean, it will be very interesting to see how that develops. Alright, let’s get into it.

The breakdown by character was a hit last week so here we go again.


Well that was an eventful first scene wasn’t it? Elena’s hallucinations took a turn for the worse early when she accidentally stabbed Jeremy in the neck thinking it was Creepy Connor. Oops. Good thing Jeremy is still wearing his magic death-by-supernatual-peeps-repellant ring despite the fact that it made Alaric go crazy. He also went to school the next morning so I don’t think he was too broken up about the fact that his sister almost killed him. When Jeremy gets to school, he decides to tell Matt about his newly formed Hunter tattoo. MATT. Of all people Jer? Even though Matt proves to not be completely useless later in the episode, I was thinking there was probably someone better Jeremy could’ve told, like, you know, anyone else. We found out that Jeremy has to complete the Hunter transition (aka kill a vampire) in order to set Elena free from her hallucinations. So far this season, Jeremy hasn’t shown any obvious signs he’s headed towards Buffy-like slayer shit but I’m still predicting that’s where he’s headed.

Bonnie and Evil Professor Shane

Oh Bonnie. I love the TVD writers but what have they done to Bonnie this season? She’s gone from badass, take no BS witch to “the witch that loses her powers [and] gets left out of the important conversations.” Another great Damon gem. Bonnie is being played by Evil Professor Shane and doesn’t even get enough screen time to warrant her own paragraph in this recap. Come on writers, Kat Graham is being wasted. Wasted, I tell you. On a positive note, I am so freakin happy Evil Professor Shane was outted by the end of this episode because I swear if no one noticed he knew way too much for a college professor with no hidden agenda, I would’ve been very disappointed. Professor Shane took over the high school and told a long and complicated story about some immortal dude named Sylus who I’m pretty sure will be important but I wasn’t paying attention. Evil Prof also told Bonnie that he’s the only one who can decipher the map once Jeremy’s hunter tattoo is completed. I think he’s just trying to convince Bonnie to go to him first so he can be all shady and complete whatever evil plan brought him to Mystic Falls in the first place.

Tyler and Caroline

They’re not going to get to be happy this season, are they? We first see our fav hybrid as new girl Haley continues her inappropriate Tyler groping but later we learn that was just for Klaus so he would think something was going on between them. It worked. Caroline came over to fake drop off Tyler’s stuff and Klaus delivered my new favorite Klaus line:

“By the breakup drama unfolding before me, I assume you’ve met Haley.”

I actually LOL’d at that one. When Klaus leaves, Haley gives an awkward look as Tyler and Caroline kiss proving that she is up to no good and she wants a piece of Ty’s hot hybrid ass. I KNEW IT. There was no time to dwell on the fake breakup drama since Stefan and Damon enlisted the help of the wolves and Caroline to help free Elena from Klaus. He kidnapped her to save her from killing herself, a rather valiant plan, I thought. Anyway, I guess everyone still doesn’t trust Klaus because new guy Chris helps break Elena out of Klaus’ house while Caroline uses her feminine prowess to distract the hybrid King pin. As much as I love Tyler and Caroline together, her scenes with Klaus always make me doubt that love. They just have so much chemistry, it’s crazy. Tyler threw a bottle at a wall when he found out Caroline agreed to go on a date with Klaus while I squealed with excitement. What? Forget Tyler’s weird anger issues, think about the chemistry!


I get in actual drunken arguments at bars, with people who think they know things, about the fact that Damon is one of the best characters in television history. Sure, TV snobs, rule him out because his show airs on The CW. Well, there were so many great Damon moments in this episode, I don’t know how Ian Somerhalder hasn’t won like 8 Emmys already. My favorite moment had to be Damon’s nod to Alaric as he sat in his old classroom waiting for Bonnie and Evil Professor Shane. Damon’s main goal tonight, and every night, was to save Elena. I like the shift this season in that they always seem to be saving Elena from herself, instead of random bad guys. I dig it. Sticking with that spirit, Damon sets out to stop suicidal Elena before it’s too late. I thought it was very selfless for Stefan to let Damon go after Elena alone but it seems to be a recurring thing in this TVD triangle where Stefan practically pushes Damon and Elena together. I think Stefan’s #TeamDelena. After Damon taught us all that vampires hate to swim and saved Elena’s life–again– she was so into him, holding his hand and everything, it was actually pretty jarring. It’ll be a strange adjustment if Elena and Damon actually become a couple. I’m so used to the sexual tension filled hate banter.

I’ll leave you with my actual favorite Damon moment of the night.

“You’re on the verge of impressing me, drive it home” – Damon, re: Matt’s reawakening as someone who isn’t completely useless.

The Vampire Diaries  Season 4 Episode 6  Recap 03 16 11 2012


I’m going to focus on Stefan’s last scene tonight, the scene I’m sure everyone will be talking about. Elena broke up with Stefan. NOOO. I know, know, I thought I was Team Damon too but every time I think I’m Team Damon, Stefan makes his wounded puppy face and I want to cry. When Elena tells him her feelings towards Damon have changed and are heightened now, I couldn’t even look at Stefan’s face. It hurt too much. I know a lot of you are Delena shippers but AFTER EVERYTHING THEY’VE BEEN THOUGH YOU GUYS, I just couldn’t. My heart broke for Stefan. I cried actual tears in a moment where I should’ve been happy. We are at a pivotal moment in the entire series. For the first time out loud and for Stefan to hear, Elena chose Damon. BOOM. It was the saddest break up since Pacey and Joey (the first time).

The Vampire Diaries  Season 4 Episode 6  Recap 01 16 11 2012


She went through a lot tonight. She had to deal with Creepy Connor haunting her and visits from her doppleganger arch enemy. Katherine’s return was significant mainly because it may have been the thing that pushed Elena to recognize her true feelings for Damon. Katherine got into Elena’s head about the brothers Salvatore and basically told her that Stefan likes his woman pure and nice. Elena is no longer either of those things. Damon, on the other hand, is now kinda perfect for her. Aside from that helpful psychoanalysis, Katherine’s hallucinations were just as annoying as Connor’s. Elena can’t stand their taunting so she flees to the infamous bridge where she almost died/ actually died. As Elena is contemplating ending it all, her mother appears as a hallucination. I wrote in my notes, “OMG ELENA’S MOM – we have never seen her before have we?” I don’t think we have. At first, we think Mrs. Gilbert is on the bridge to help talk Elena off the edge but really, it’s just the Hunter curse throwing out a really low blow. Not cool, hunter curse, not cool. I really didn’t like that the first time we met Elena’s mom was under some trickery backwards bullshit.

Well it’s all OK because Damon saves the day and wins Elena’s heart in the process. We all know Damon had Elena’s heart seasons ago but it’s taken her this long to figure it out. I’ll give her props for actually following her heart and being woman enough to tell Stefan about her feelings for Damon instead of dicking him around. After I got over my heartbreak for Stefan, I finally got excited for Elena/ Damon. LOVE SCENE. GIMME.

The Vampire Diaries  Season 4 Episode 6  Recap 02 16 11 2012

What did you think of that epic episode TVD’ers? What is Professor Shane’s evil plan? Are you excited for Klaus and Caroline’s date? What will Stefan do now? Are you happy Elena finally chose Damon? Sound off below!


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