The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 5 – Recap and Review – The Killer

Here’s the recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5: “The Killer” on the CW.

Well that was intense. I don’t know how your heart is doing but the suspense in this one almost killed me. I have no nails left and the whole episode gave me a bad case of the stress sweats. Last week, the tone was set. Now, we’ve come to a point in the season where every move means so much more, every line is laced with clues and subtle foreshadowing and every character plays a pivotal role in achieving this season’s purpose: curing Elena of her vampirism. Everyone is also really into breaking necks and ripping hearts out.

Tonight we learned that Stefan is a terrible liar, Caroline would totally slash Tyler’s tires while singing Before He Cheats and Damon’s love for Elena is unconditional while Stefan’s might have one pretty big condition. Also, let’s take a moment and pour one out for Creepy Connor. Good riddance.

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There were major individual developments across the board in Mystic Falls so rather than dissect the ep’s play-by-play, let’s break it down by character.


Jeremy’s big story tonight was the hostage standoff with Connor. Damon put it perfectly when he called Jeremy and Matt “danger magnets.” Seriously. Somebody needs to get this kid a bodyguard. The only time my cold black heart softens for Jeremy is when I remember he has lost pretty much everyone he has ever cared about except for Elena.

When this episode started with Connor kidnapping Jeremy and holding him hostage at The Grill, the stress began. Part of me knew they wouldn’t hurt Jeremy since he’s the only thing holding Elena together but another part knew this show is so unpredictable, Jeremy could very well be the next on the hit list. While Connor held three human lives hostage (Matt, April and Jer) he attempted to talk Jeremy into giving up all his supernatural friends and becoming a vamp hunter in training. Jeremy was not having it but I do think Connor left a lasting impression on our littlest Gilbert. Think about it, Jeremy is the helpless (mostly useless) human amidst a sea of supernatural badasses. He has never felt special. He has never felt like he had a purpose. So, at the end of his story tonight when Jeremy’s invisible hunter tattoo started to show, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to stay unfinished. Jeremy is going to kill some vamps! You have to correct me in the comments and forgive me if I just missed this but who did Jeremy kill? I thought the tattoo only grew if you killed vampires? Anyway, I see an Evil Alaric situation happening all over again. RIP Rick.

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Speaking of evil, Evil Professor has his sights set on Bonnie. Bonnie visits the Professor and he tries to convince her that she can keep practicing magic if she lets go of her fear and some other BS. We really don’t know what he’s up to yet other than that he sent Connor to Mystic Falls, he’s on a quest for the tattoo map and he knows way too much about witches. Isn’t Bonnie supposed to be psychic? Why can’t she sense Evil Professor’s creepiness? Well, I think she’s crushing on Evil Prof and it’s clouding her judgement. I mean, the man made her take part in an awkward meditation session for seven hours and is trying to get her to piss off Bonnie’s ancestors. If this show has taught us anything, it’s don’t mess with bitchy old witches. See: Klaus’ mom. Evil Professor succeeds in getting Bonnie to light a few candles with her brain and while her trust in him deepens, mine is non existent. Especially with Connor out of the picture, this prof is Mystic Falls’ newest villain. Watch out Bon Bon. New nickname. Embrace it.

Tyler and Caroline

Let me start by re-iterating how much I love Tyler and Caroline. They may even be my favorite couple on the show. I can’t make up my mind about Stelena or Delena but I know how much I LOVE Tyler and Caroline together. We’ve seen them through Tyler’s transition, Caroline’s dad dying and Klaus’ sire bond and constant flirting. This couple has been through so much but stayed strong through it all. I guess it was time for some cracks in the foundation. The big story tonight for Tyler and Caroline was that Klaus ordered his hybrid and wolf minions to help with the hostage situation. One of those minions was new girl Haley aka Tyler’s slutty wolf friend. Haley was inappropriately all over him at any moment she was on screen this episode. Oh and how annoying was it when she called him “Ty?” Caroline was about ready to bitch slap her and take a Louisville slugger to both of Tyler’s headlights when Tyler attempted to explain the situation. Tyler and Haley are on a mission to break all the hybrids from Klaus’ sire bond. Valiant plan but that still doesn’t explain why Tyler kept Haley a secret from Caroline. I still think Tyler’s hiding something.

Damon and Stefan

I gotta give it up to Stefan for always being noble and level-headed but with the nice guy tag comes some weaknesses. Stefan can’t lie for shit. Damon could tell right away when Stefan tried to hide the fact that THERE IS A CURE FOR VAMPIRISM. I still can’t get over this season’s twist. Anyway, Damon knew Stefan was lying when they clashed over ways to break out Jeremy, Matt and April from Connor’s hostage situation. The Salvatore brother dynamic is simple when it comes to strategy. Stefan thinks things through and Damon thinks with his fists or his fangs. When it comes to Elena, it gets more complicated. We’ve always been under the impression that Stefan’s feelings for Elena are unequivocal. Tonight we found out that Stefan might not be able to love Elena if she stays a vampire while Damon declares that he loves her, blood sucker or warm blooded. The most compelling moment in tonight’s episode came when Damon delivered this line: “I’m fine with her either way brother so if I’m doing this, I’m doing it for you.” Damn. Damon is really showing emotional depth this season. Stefan, however, might be losing me. I’m all for finding Elena a cure but it should be for the right reasons. Nonetheless, the brothers vow to continue their “suicide mission for a potentially non existent cure.” God, I love Damon’s dialogue,

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My cold black heart is breaking for Elena. If we thought she was a stress case before, she’s now an emotional, blood thirsty, murderous, crazy stress case. One of my favorite Elena moments tonight was the return of her diary. The episode opened with Elena’s continuing internal struggle with becoming a vampire. She hates it and hates herself but is holding on for the sake of her little brother. Elena’s love for Jeremy reigned over all her other emotions in this episode and she acted out of sisterly duty, no matter what the cost. Stefan knew the guilt of killing Connor would eat away at Elena so he advised her not to do it. We all know Elena never listens though so when she confronts Connor and he tries to stake her, Elena snaps his neck. It was a strange albeit badass moment for Elena because while she is a newly strong, competent vampire, she’s also still Elena. She’s watched a lot of people die at the hands of her friends but she’s never done it herself. Tonight, that changed. It was a pretty poetic plot point to make Elena kill the one person who might have the key to a cure for her vampirism. When we see Elena washing the blood off her hands, I started to get really emotional for her. She isn’t this person. Now, she has to deal with guilt hallucinations AND the return of Katherine. KATHERINE!

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So what do you think TVD’ers? Will Jeremy become a vampire hunter? What does Evil Professor have planned for Bonnie? Will Caroline trust Tyler and get along with Haley? Are you Team Stefan or Damon? What do you think Katherine is doing back in Mystic Falls!!? Sound off below!

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