The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 4 – Full Video and Recap – The Five

Here’s the full video and recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 4: “The Five” on the CW.

This episode was technically called The Five by Julie Plec and the TVD team but whatever, I’m calling it The Game Changer because after that hour, shit in Mystic Falls has straight up changed yo. The tide of this season has shifted and now, like every season before it, season four has a purpose. That purpose is to a) stop Connor the Crazy Vamp Hunter from demolishing the entire vampire race and b) CURE ELENA FROM HER VAMPIRISM. Boom. Shit just got real. So let’s start at the beginning shall we?

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We open with Stefan and Damon going through Crazy Connor’s hunter stuff. While both Stefan and Damon thought last episode’s explosion rid us of Connor for good, I knew better. Someone needs to remind the Salvatore bros that the bad guy doesn’t die this early. In true Stefan/Damon fashion, the boys can’t get through minutes alone with each other without fighting (er- not fighting) over Elena. I know the triangle is a pivotal point to this entire show but sometimes, I roll my eyes at the repetitiveness of it all. How many times have we seen this exact same passive aggressive brother bonding banter? Maybe too many but, since this show is just so damn good, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder continue to inject reality and depth into every fight so it always seems fresh. Kudos to those two fine actors.

Elena is still on her quest to find her inner balanced vampire and has chosen brother Damon to help since Stefan failed last episode. The perfect place to find inner blood sucking peace? College. One of the best things about this show is how they take real- life, non supernatural rites of passages like high school and college, throw in vampires and witches and somehow make it feel real, if almost relatable.

While Elena and Damon cruise for college freshmen to eat but not kill, Bonnie hits up Whitmore College to find an old professor friend of her grandmother.

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Meanwhile, Beks tries to win back Matt by buying him a truck. Yes, I’m still trying to make that nickname happen. We obviously know Matt wouldn’t cave so easily but I think this gesture was solely there to remind us of how boy crazy Rebekah still is. We’ve seen her as cold and heartless since she killed Elena and now, we’re being reminded that she’s just an insecure girl who wants to be loved. Again, I can’t help but feel bad for her. Especially when her brother is such an asshole. Klaus seriously has a twisted way of showing Beks he still cares and won’t leave her alone with “the help.” Rebekah and Klaus make Damon and Stefan look like the loving Jonas Brothers when it comes to sibling rivalry. Beks and Klaus have issues that go way back and run deep. Tonight, we learned about a huge past event that has shaped their rocky relationship. It involves Beks and a boy, obviously, and Klaus saving his family from extinction. Through flashbacks, we learn that Beks first love was an OG (HOT) vamp hunter 900 years ago who had his sights set on the original family. She was blinded by his love and almost met her final death at his hands, etc. In a hilarious albeit dragged out dinner scene with Klaus, Beks and Stefan, we learn why the Five are so dangerous. Not only do they have a dagger from the white oak whatever, they know of a cure. “A CURE FOR WHAT!?” is what I frantically wrote in my notes when Beks broke the news. A cure for vampirism. I had to pick pieces of my brain off the floor when Rebekah dropped that bomb on us. When I did, I realized just how huge this plot twist is. So far this season, we’ve seen Elena fight to become a vampire and still remain the Elena we have come to love (or hate). Just when we think this might not be possible, just when we’re really heartbroken that she and Stefan might not make it through this one, the game changed. Elena might just be human again. HOLY SHIT.

While Stefan was doing some really impressive investigative journalism, Elena and Damon were discovering that Elena might not ever have fun being a vampire. Funny that this realization is coming right when we find out she might not have to be one forever. The TVD writers are brilliant. Bonnie finds her hot Prof and Damon schools Elena in Blood Sucking 101. No stoners. No nerdy girls. Pretty blondes, bingo. Just when we think Elena is going to finally become mini Damon, her heart gets in the way. She can’t feed on a girl with a little sister but she does go to town on a roofie dropping douche frat boy. Elena and Damon then give us the hottest scene of the episode as they engage in a super hot ripper dance rampage to Calvin Harris.

Here’s the thing about Elena. When she lets herself want Damon, she is completely encompassed by him. The problem for Delena fans, is that Elena may never let herself completely succumb to her feelings for Damon. Just like Stefan can’t ever let loose in fear of becoming a Ripper, Elena will never let loose in fear of loving Damon. Alas, the triangle continues. When Elena says, “I should be here with Stefan” as she breaks their dance trance, the emphasis is on “should”. Elena SHOULD start thinking about what she wants. My heart breaks for Damon.

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Anyway, back to this crazy plot twist, Klaus wants the vampire cure so Elena can go back to giving her doppelgänger blood so he can make hybrids. Makes sense. Stefan wants the cure so Elena can live her life and they can grow old together, die and be buried beside each other. Cue awwwws. I actually teared up when Stefan made this confession right before Rebekah admitted where she had hidden her ex Hot Hunter’s dagger. Poor Beks, she’s just a girl who wants to be in love. Instead she gets daggered in the chest by her big brother. Dammit Klaus. Even when he’s killing his sister, he is riveting. I couldn’t look away when he staked Beks. This show is too good. It was a nice touch to force Stefan and Klaus back together again bound by this secret and a common goal to save Elena.

So the wheels are in motion. The race is on to find a cure for Elena and to stop Connor. Do you think Jeremy will become a hunter? Will Elena really become human again? What will happen to Rebekah? What’s up with this creepy professor and what’s his connection to Connor? Sound off in the comments!

The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 4 – Full Video

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