The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 14 – Recap – Down the Rabbit Hole

Here’s the recap for Season 4  Episode 14  of The Vampire Diaries: “Down the Rabbit Hole” on The CW!!

Ohhhhhh Dangggg.. If you didn’t watch tonight. What were you thinking?!?!

We find Damon, bound by the hottie hunter, Galen Vaughn(Charlie Bewley) (who has a way cute accent and seems to know way too much about the crew from Mystic Falls) reveals to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that he, like Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), also has a complete mark. He tells Damon that the wishing well holds Silas and he plans on using Damon to get Bonnie (Kat Graham) to open the well to get to Silas. Vaughn tells Damon that he wants to use the cure against Silas, just like it was meant for. Damon thinks Vaughn was the one who killed the hunter that tried to get Jeremy and Elena (Nina Dobrev) but he swears it wasn’t him.

One of the 5 hunters: Galen Vaughn

One of the 5 hunters: Galen Vaughn

Elena, still part of Team Awkward, calls Caroline asking for help. She tells Caroline (Candice Accola) that they need the Hunter’s sword from Klaus to help them figure out the meaning of the mark on Jeremy. They plead for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to help but he doesn’t want to because he thinks they will use it against him. Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino) goes off to find the sword in Klaus’s attic while he is still trapped in the Gilbert’s house because of Bonnie’s spell. The handle has a cryptex which will show them a message. Only problem is the message is in the language of Aramaic, a dead language. Klaus agrees to help them translate the message but only because of his love for Caroline. They discover that to get the cure they will need a “young senator and a flower in bloom” Aka: A powerful witch (Bonnie) and a hunter in full bloom (Jeremy). Another message they find from the sword: There is only one dose of the cure.

Meanwhile Professor Shane’s (David Alpay) crew of Bonnie and Jeremy and the random tribal guy make it to the wishing well. Turns out the reason for the tombstone was so that Professor Shane can pay off the tribal guy for helping him out. Tribal guy‘s good luck didn’t last for long as he is found murdered by “not Vaughn. Back in the well Bonnie and Jeremy head down. Jeremy wonder’s what will happen and Bonnie says she won’t let Shane raise Silas. Bonnie vows to kill Shane if he tries to lay a hand on them. Professor Shane finds the passage way on the ground and Bonnie completes a spell on Jeremy‘s mark to open it.

Back on the island, Elena wants to know why Stefan (Paul Wesley) didn’t tell her he wanted the cure. Caroline sends the translation of the sword to Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus says he wants to help so he can have his sister found happiness (and live and DIE, as a human) He also tells her there is only one dose of the cure and that she needs to find it first. Rebekah tells Stefan there is only one dose of the cure and seeing the look in her eye she knows he would give the cure to Elena.

Rebekah tells Stefan there is only one dose of the cure.

Rebekah tells Stefan there is only one dose of the cure.

Down in the wishing well, Professor Shane is trapped by the rocks that fell during opening of the passage way. Jeremy and Bonnie go on alone (Sorry, bye Professor Shane) Also making their way to the wishing well….Damon and Vaughn. Shortly thereafter, Rebekah ditches Stefan and gets to the well. Back on the island Stefan tells Elena there is only one cure and she says she can’t take it. She needs to start living the life she has now.

With all of Bonnie’s power going towards the opening of the passageway, the original spell isn’t going to hold Klaus in the house and Caroline know that Klaus will try and kill Tyler. Caroline goes back in to plead with Klaus not to kill Tyler. In a shocking form of true human emotion, he agrees to let Tyler leave town and hide in a place he will never find him. He tells her this is because of the mercy he extends for Caroline’s sake and is only giving him a heads start. (When will these two get together?!?)

Vaughn takes things up a notch and bonds Damon in silver and stabs Rebekah with silver stakes before dropping into the well. Meanwhile, down in the well -Jeremy tells Bonnie that he is glad they are together (heyyyy ;)..) Bonnie thinks she sees her Grandmom down there but Jeremy snaps her back to reality telling her that it was only Silas controlling her. The same way he controlled Professor Shane’s mind to believe his wife was there, and essentially how he got Professor Shane to coerce each of them to come to the island and fufill everything needed to raise Silas.

Jeremy and Bonnie make it to Silas’ grave and discover that Silas has been frozen, and the cure is frozen in his hands. In order to wake him up they need to feed him their blood and wake him up. Bonnie and Jeremy make an effort to think of everything they can to not have to wake him up but still get the cure when Vaughn comes in and stabs Bonnie. Elena comes to the rescue but not for long.

Stefan, making his way towards Silas’ grave comes across and injured Elena. Or is it just a hallucinatory caused by Silas?

Back at the grave, “Elena”? [That’s Katherine! — Editor Rickey] is tired of waiting and starts to feed her blood to Silas. Tired of how long it’s taking, She bites Jeremy and lets Silas feed from him. Bad idea older Gilbert, bad idea. As Jeremy is seemingly sucked dry, he falls to the ground. Is he really dead? Will anyone be able to save Jeremy? Was that really Elena that caused her brother’s death? [It’s Katherine. — Editor Rickey] Ahh!! Can’t wait for next week!!


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