The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 21 – Before Sunset – Recap

Last week had some big revelations and Evil Alaric was turned into Evil Vampire Alaric, so how do you trump that? By semi-killing off yet another major character of course. The Vampire Diaries kicks things into high gear headed fast for an explosive finale.

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After last week’s emotionally charged finish with Alaric, I was desperate to know how things were going to play out next. Caroline is on the phone with Tyler and they say they love each other (AWW!) She also has a moment of silence with Rebekah about her mother, where they compare their dead people. How touching is that? Then Alaric attacks, Caroline uses the stake on him but it has no effect (0_0), and before she can make a quick getaway in her car, he snaps her neck. Then, burning in the sun, he drags her body back to the school. So Alaric is totally evil AND totally badass now? Okay then.

Rebekah warns Klaus about Alaric, but he refuses to leave without Elena. Hasn’t his hybrid obsession kind of fallen to the wayside by this point anyway? Bonnie is bleeding but not dead from her bite (damn) and she warns them that she has no clue how her witchy powers can stop what’s happening. Then Alaric makes a threatening phone call to Elena, saying he’s going to kill Caroline if she doesn’t get there ASAP. Did he really need to stab her through the hands with pencils? That is just upsetting.

Elena, being the moron that she is, shows up defenseless and Alaric captures her (you know, without the use of rope since she has no willpower.) Klaus, being super suave, is doing all sorts of funny things outside of Elena’s house to force the brothers into letting him in. By the time he walks up with a lit newspaper and propane tank, Stephen finally comes out and tells him that Alaric has Elena and Caroline and unless he turns himself over, they’re both going to die. Out of nowhere, Bonnie remembers that Mikael was immobilized with a spell that she might be able to use on Alaric. Convenient timing, it would seem.

Bonnie’s mother comes back, too. What a great reunion! The terrible vamp mom and her annoying witch daughter. Not exactly my favorite coupling. To stop Alaric’s heart, Bonnie has to stop a human one too. GASP! Who will she throw under the bus? Jeremy, of course.

Shockingly, Elena actually does something for once and manages to get Caroline out of her pencil-trap and into Klaus’ arms in the hallway. Every now and then she has her moments. The Brothers Salvatore try to hold down Alaric long enough for Klaus to get a go at his heart, but they are down for the count in seconds. Elena also figures out that her life is connected to Alaric’s and threatens to kill herself, giving Klaus a spare moment to recuperate and escape with her.

When she comes to, Elena is being drained of her blood even though Klaus could have an endless supply of blood if he kept her alive. He says he has “his family” and doesn’t need hybrids anymore. Klaus even taunts Elena by asking her what team she is really on: Stephen or Damon? Naturally, the answer is “Go to hell.” Alaric tells Stephen and Damon to go after her since he cannot until the sun goes down.

The sire bond is finally proven to be broken when Tyler stands up to Klaus and then the Salvatores arrive. They stop Klaus’ heart with the help of Bonnie instead of Alaric’s. NO! This was not supposed to happen. I cannot tolerate an absence of Klaus. Finally, Elena admits that she can’t choose between the two of them because she doesn’t want to lose either of them. They leave to dump Klaus’ body in the Atlantic, pretty much ignoring Elena. She is too annoyingly indecisive! And there it is again: that desire to slap her across the face. It felt almost wrong to watch a group of people celebrating the “death” of Klaus, especially Caroline who he had clearly just rescued only hours prior.

Alaric calls an emergency council meeting, and things take a turn for the worse when he reveals the town’s vampire problems. Stephen and Damon each vow to leave town if Elena picks the other. I disapprove. At the last second, Elena gets some intense headpains, her nose starts bleeding, and she passes out.

For some reason, this episode felt like a season finale, even with the cliffhanger at the end. The preview for the finale looks totally epic though. Word on the street is a death is headed to the show. Please, no! I can’t handle this. I don’t want it to end. Is Elena finally going to make her choice?

Watch: The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 22 – Video Preview – The Departed Season Finale

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