The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 20 – Do Not Go Gentle – Recap

The decades dance is finally here, and in typical Vampire Diaries fashion, there are plenty of twists and turns to go around as we approach the season finale.

As the episode starts off, Rebekah (aka Mamma Original) gives Klaus what he thinks is the last stake and he tosses it into the fire. She manages to coerce him into going with her to the decades dance. Her and Alaric have the real stake hidden, and are plotting to kill Klaus. Alaric stabs her with a stake, and she goes back into her own body as Esther. This woman is way too conniving to be trusted, methinks.

Preparing for the dance, Caroline insists that Elena should ask Stephen to the dance because he’s her “epic love.” What follows is a slightly awkward phone call, but Stephen says yes! I can’t help but feel like Elena is just going to toy with his emotions some more. Esther also takes evil Alaric to a cemetary where she does a ritual to make the white oak stake completely indestructible.

When Stephen picks up Elena for the dance, there’s totally a season one vibe going on and it’s super cute. With all the bad things that happen at these dances, you would think that eventually no one would attend them. Still, plenty of people show up in dapper suits and cutesy dresses. Tyler even shows up to woo Caroline, and he looks marvelous in a suit. Elena’s dance moves to 20’s tunes are so very atrocious, but mercifully only last for a couple of seconds. With impeccable timing, Damon shows up right as Stephen and Elena are about to have an intimate moment and pulls them aside.

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Jeremy runs into Bonnie and Jamie at the dance. The moron is still wearing his ring! Damon wants to kill the obviously unhinged Alaric, but Jeremy throws a hissy fit about it, separating him and Elena from Damon and Stephen. That’s when Esther shows up, demanding that Elena come with her. Jeremy runs to get the brothers, but when they come back Elena’s already gone and they can’t even leave because some sort of a salt spell binds them to the area. Elena just willingly left with a psychopathic woman when she could have just stalled her for a couple seconds? She really is a complete moron sometimes.

Esther tells Elena she is going to make Alaric into a vampire hunter just like her husband using dark magic and Elena’s blood. Each time Alaric died with the ring, Esther was there on the other side, “bringing him toward his true self.” Bitch is crazy!

Caroline and Tyler are dancing when Klaus cuts in. I have to admit, as much as I like Caroline/Tyler I think Caroline/Klaus is sort of adorable too. Klaus finally realizes Rebekah is nowhere to be found… it took him long enough. How did he not notice her absence throughout the entire day? It seems like a detail he would have definitely picked up on.

Elena stand by, whining, as Esther prepares the ritual and takes a bit of her blood. Then, she stabs Alaric in the chest. NO! This family has some seriously bad luck with parental figures. Meanwhile, Bonnie starts working to figure out a way to break the salt spell. Caroline says she loves Tyler despite Klaus’s obvious advances, but I’m not buying it. Klaus obviously has made an impression on her and I think it’s only a matter of time before she turns the other cheek.

Jeremy and Matt come to Elena’s rescue, but Esther turns their weapons on each other. Just as she is about to kill both of them simultaneously, Alaric stabs her in the back. He doesn’t remember anything anymore, and this is going to be a tough one to explain.

Bonnie breaks the boundary spell, but when everyone reunites, Alaric tells them he is not going to make the transition to vampire. WTF! I love Alaric despite being annoying in the last couple of episodes, but I did like the fact that he was making a conscious decision to end his life. Elena and Stephen have a very intimate moment together, but it’s Damon and Alaric’s bromance that really seals the deal.

And then, like this show so often does, there comes a final-minute out-of-nowhere curb ball that shatters your expectations. Esther comes to Bonnie in a dream or a trance or something, and tells her she must finish the job. Bonnie makes her way all the way into the forest just as Alaric is slipping from consciousness, and slices her hand open, feeding him the blood. He transforms fully, and bites her hard in the neck.

Only two more episodes left this season, and though it looks as if my greatest wish hasn’t been granted (Bonnie needs to be killed off already!), it does look as though Alaric has evolved into something terrifying.

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