The New Normal – A Look Back At Episodes 1-11 – Videos

The New Normal will resume later tonight with its 12th episode, “The Goldie Rush.” Catch the episode at 9:30pm ET on NBC.

Here’s a look back at Episodes 1-11. Videos inside:




1. Episodes 1 & 2: “Pilot” & “Sofa’s Choice” – “The Couch Issue” – When I watched this scene, I honestly had no clue what was going on. LOL! I didn’t know who Little Edie was, so I did a little research on Wikipedia. 🙂 That site always comes in handy.

2. Episode 3: “Baby Clothes” – “The Marc Jacobs Test” – This episode caused so much controversy with all the nonsense about Spina Bifida and Red Hair.

3. Episode 4: “Obama Mama” – “Democrats vs. Republicans” – Nana is very Right Wing.

4. Episode 5: “Nanagasm” – “Medical Advice” – When Nana had an orgasm…LOL! The script-writing for this show is ridiculous.

5. Episode 6: “Bryanzilla” – “David’s Proposal” – David proposed to Bryan.

6. Episode 7: “The Godparent Trap” – “Are You a Fighter?” – Bryan attends Confession at a Catholic church.

7. Episode 8: “Unplugged” – “Bryan’s Viral Video” – Nana shared Bryan’s personal video on Twitter. The video went viral.

8. Episode 9: “Pardon Me” – “A Girls and Gays Thanksgiving” – The entire cast share their old Thanksgiving memories.

9. Episode 10: “The XY Factor” – “Break a Leg!” – Bryan attempts to coach David’s football team because he wants to participate in his baby boy’s life.

10. Episode 11: “Baby Proofing” – “Lead By Example” – Goldie and David agree upon leading by example.

The New Normal - A Look Back At Episodes 1-11 - Videos

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