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The Mole — Players Go Begging For Clothes — Who is The Mole?

Jon Kelley

Now that was an awesome episode.

I’m so hooked now, dammit! I actually reviewed all the quiz questions from the last 2 episodes and tonight’s episode, and I cannot find a pattern! So either there is no pattern or I’ve lost my analytical skills from watching too much TV. Sigh.

There is one glimmer of hope for my “Craig is the Mole” theory however. Craig has been partnered in a question with the eventual executed player at least once. In fact, Craig has been part of a question involving all 3 executed players.

For example in tonight’s #8 question:

What was the composition of the Mole’s team during “Dress Code”?
a. all female: Ali, Victoria, Kristen
b. all male: Alex, Paul
c. mixed: Bobby, Craig, Nicole
d. did not participate: Clay, Mark

I don’t know, maybe that’s the twist. Make Craig not too obvious in the questioning to throw the players off. However, I think some players also have this pattern — but I’m just so fixated on Craig now that I can’t think.

However, one fact remains: I don’t know who the Mole is! I’m so frustrated.

Jon Kelley is really getting better. Love Jon Kelley.

Who is the Mole?

Reality TV The Mole

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Craig! LOL

And Paul for the win!


Yeah, my pick is still Victoria. Mostly because of the helmet, but also because her reactions to everything seem fake. It seems like she's acting to me. In fact I'm completely convinced it's her. I hope I'm wrong though, because if it is her it will be the most obvious Mole ever.


people are saying that the mole is victoria, because you would see some clues during the first 2 episodes (ie. she's the only one wearing a helmet during the first challenge with bright green fingerprint)


Although it's still pretty early to start guessing who The Mole is,I'm thinking it may be Victoria or Alex.I do love this show and I'm glad it's back. I still miss Anderson Cooper as the MC too.


I so like this season.

My top three mole picks are:
(1.) Ali
(2.) Victoria
(3.) Craig

Now that Ali is gone, my Mole is Victoria.
She was even more suspicious with her reactions this Episode, especially when they saw the bait.

Victoria, Craig...
or Alex???


Victoria is my pick too - although it would be kind of awesome if it were that douche Paul - just simply for the reason that he severly ticks people off and throws them off their game while being so open about it.
Jon Kelley is getting better and better at hosting (but I still miss Anderson Cooper).


agh. each week i just get more and more confused as to who i think it is.. too many theories are swirling around in my head! haha.

my pick is still victoria, though. why? i don't know. but its been my gut feeling since the first episode..