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The Lylas – Come Back – Official Video

The Lylas - Come Back - Official Video

The Lylas have arrived. That’s right, folks. These are four grown women, so they get a “The” where Fifth Harmony (formerly Lylas) could only dream to have one. Remember when we had to sit through a girl group called 1432 for a week of X Factor live show? Question; is 1432 the shortest lived girl group ever? Whatever, Fifth Harmony lives on through the Dr. Frankenstein-like forces of Simon Cowell. Throw five talented teenage girls together, and anything could happen! “They’re like one girl in five different bodies!” We’ll have to wait for their debut. I’m betting the Target Deluxe album comes with a bonus cover of “Anything Could Happen.” Am I right or am I right?

In any case, here’s the debut single and music video by The Lylas a.k.a. Bruno Mars’s sisters who hate Fifth Harmony. That’s right, they’re all actually related. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the “like” in “Love you like a sister”? And doesn’t a “The” count for something in court? Those are two different names to me. I mean, The Beast is from a Disney movie. Beast is one of the X-men.


Good luck , Lylas The Lylas!

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