The Lying Game – Season 2 Spring Finale – Episode 10 – Recap and Review – To Lie For

Let’s just burn that heinous country club to the ground, already. It’s probably buried on a Native American burial ground, judging by all of the rotten activity plaguing its members. The Lying Game added one more body (I think?) to the tally tonight, and we most likely learned the identity of murderer! In other news, when Emma (Alexandra Chando) curls her hair even slightly, Sutton needs an all-out fro for me to even tell the difference. “To Lie For” was the spring finale, and I’m crossing my fingers (behind my back, because it’s The Lying Game) that we get the second half of season 2! This is just getting going, and I’m not sure I can live without Sutton. I’ll settle for Emma, I guess.

The episode opened with chaos, pure chaos, at the country club pool, as some poor pool boy was forced to scoop that dead Theresa out of the water. It only took a murder for Emma to make her decision; she ran to Ethan (Blair Redford) instead of comforting Thayer (Christian Alexander). Thayer, of course, had no relation to Theresa. Meanwhile, Dan (Tyler Christopher) began to lose his cool. A dead fiancé will do that to you. You, all of you lying and scheming rich folks, and yeah, even you perfectly adorable Laurel (Allie Gonino), watch out for Dan Whitehorse. Afterwards, Alec (Adrian Pasdar) watched, appropriately creeped, as Dan kissed Theresa’s chlorine soaked lips one last time. *smash* Dan punched straight through some glass to prove his inner numbness. As it turned out, adding a swirl of crazy into Dan’s normally together demeanor was enough to pressure Alec into revealing the twin secret.

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Back at the trailer, Dan decided to hurl everything wooden into one massive pile of junk, while Ethan watched in horror. Apologies not accepted from twin-loving little brothers, bro. Dan gave Ethan one last chance to make things right; choose family over the twins. Meanwhile, Thayer had been confronting Emma about her obvious feelings for Ethan. Take a hint, goony, it’s only been, like, a whole season of fawning over the other dude. Emma was forced to make a choice. That night, when Ethan came around to pick up his stuff from the Mercer’s house, she did. Ethan, you are the chosen one. Ah, so sad, too bad, Emma. In the immortal words of R&B superstar JoJo, “You know it’s just too little, too late.” Ethan had chosen his brother, considering the fact that his relationship with Emma was at the core of this perpetual “Lying Game.”

What cures a breakup better than pelting Laurel with tennis balls? Emma took out her aggression on the court the next day. Laurel watched in horror as the balls took the brunt of Emma’s fury, save for a most likely sizeable bruise on her thigh from an off swing. Emma, having lost Ethan, admitted to worrying about her future. When the truth does come on, she fears she’ll lose everything, especially Kristin (Helen Slater).

Dan, following Alec’s lead, was hot on the trail of Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter). Ethan arrived, willing to kiss ass in order to make amends for his secrets and lies. Amidst their reconciliation, another officer alerted Dan to Theresa’s autopsy report. She’d been bludgeoned to death, and her clothing contained traces of limestone. Also, the murder weapon appeared to have been painted green. The two journeyed out into the desert, to the suspected crime scene, and starting digging for clues.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Ted (Andy Buckley) talked the big reveal. Ted was all for spewing the twin secret to Kristin, who’d recently become the only character left in the dark. Sutton, on the other hand, wanted more time to soften the blow post murder case, having suffered the embarrassment of admittedly siding with Rebecca at one point. Ted obliged, but that decision left him looking like a jerk at the next divorce meeting. All Kristin wanted was the truth about the $20k, but Ted couldn’t reveal the truth without outing Sutton’s secret.

Rebecca and Emma had their first official encounter. Emma, who’s blood runs warm like most normal humans, found Rebecca’s attempt at a reconnection to be more annoying than touching. Lady, she’d gone through the foster system. She’d never… been… hugged. Man, way to tug on the heartstrings, Emma! Succubus Rebecca forced out some tears, tears that were probably toxic, but Emma wouldn’t have it. She gave them away, and things did go awry, whether Rebecca chose to accept that fact or not. Afterwards, Emma and Sutton talked regarding Emma’s encounter. Sutton snapped her out of feeling sorry for the demoness, but the true moment came from the twins’ first true hug! By the way, Sutton… girl, can hug!

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Sutton had recorded the breaking news surrounding the murder site, and the twins, along with Laurel, watched as Dan sealed up some evidence. Wanting to help set things straight, Sutton realized she’d have to find out what that something in the bag was. Emma, knowing Ethan wanted nothing to do with her, decided to allow Sutton to visit the Whitehorse domain to pry. While Emma moped to Laurel about Ethan, Sutton managed to weasel out of him that the evidence was none other than the half-heart-shaped necklace Rebecca had intended to give to Emma! After reporting this to the police, Dan had his search warrant granted. Alec, in the meantime, tipped off Rebecca to run and hide. Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.

By the way, Thayer had become a complete train wreck.

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Just run like crazy and collapse in the grass man. We’ve all been there! Well…

From a Skype in the cabin, the twins made contact with the fugitive. Rebecca apologized for running and screwing up their reunion, but refused to admit to being a killer. I love how Rebecca poofed up her hair to fill the webcam screen in order to keep her location undisclosed. Who would frame Rebecca? Afterwards, Rebecca met with Jordan (Ryan Rottman) and pressured him to leave along with her. She wasn’t about to go on the run alone, and she threatened to reveal the truth about what Jordan had done to his brother as blackmail.

Emma had a moment with Kristin before Theresa’s memorial service, but inevitably ended up giving her spot back to Sutton. It was time that they switched back for good. Emma apologized to Sutton for claiming her life and her boyfriend, even if she’d done everything way better.

The memorial started off as a hot mess to begin with. Laurel watched as Alec flaunted his flirtatiousness with Kristin in front of her father’s face. Ugh, disgust. Mads (Alice Greczyn) flowed into the event concerned over Jordan’s whereabouts. She assumed he’d flown the coop with Rebecca, but Alec assured Mads that their departure was probably for the best. Meanwhile, Emma met with Thayer in his room at the club. When a noticeably peeved Thayer requested that she close the door, the look on Emma’s face read, “Oh, it was probably him, ugh. I’m probably so dead right now.”

Outside of the club, Jordan surprised Mads one last time. Having been fed up with Rebecca’s tight leash, he decided to turn himself in the next morning. He planned on spending one last night mackin’ with Mads, but the police were already tipped off to search for him. Outside the club, he turned himself in for murder… Plot twist: the murder of his brother! Eh, I’m guessing this is some sort of misunderstanding, kind of like when Gossip Girls’ Serena van der Woodsen thought she killed some jerk by handing him the line of coke that he overdosed on.

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

While Dan gave a perfectly romantic speech about Theresa that I can’t remember for the life of me, Alec received a note asking him to meet some woman on the roof. When he arrived, he found that Rebecca had never left at all. In fact, she’d pieced together the puzzle. Alec was protecting someone else by framing her all along. The fact that he wanted her on the run forever tipped her off, of course. Still, Rebecca had been pushed too far. After having some awful interactions with her girls over the past few episodes, the gloves were off. Actually, they were on. The lady was sporting some straight-up villainy leather gloves. I knew something was amiss, and then Alec was sent crashing through the glass roof and splat into the event. Dinner and a show?!

In the meantime, Emma attempted to apologize to Thayer, but his rage continued to build, prompting him to exile her from his quarters. Emma scurried off just in time for Thayer to reveal the murder weapon hidden under his couch cushion. Well, might as well destroy your entire bedroom, man!


What did you all think of The Lying Game Season 2 Spring Finale, “To Lie For”? Is Thayer most definitely the killer? Is Alec truly dead? Will The Lying Game get picked up for the second half of Season 2?

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